Uorfi Javed's Bold & Bizzare Fashion Choices

Uorfi Javed's Bold & Bizzare Fashion Choices
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Mar 2023

There was once a wacky girl who had the most outrageous fashion choices. Yes, we are talking about none other than Uorfi Javed who has the most not-so-relatable and bizarre fashion choices. Javed originally hails from the city of the Nawabs Lucknow and has been around for a couple of years in the industry. It all started when after doing a couple of shows, Javed became a contestant in the Bigg Boss OTT. In her short time in the house, Uorfi made a statement with her truly bold and bizarre outfits. The one that everybody remember is when she strutted out in a garbage bag dress during her stint in the show. From being part of this popular reality television show, Uorfi has now moved on to even getting featured in ace Bollywood designers Abu Jani Sandeep Khosla movie, Mera Noor Hai Mashoor and garnered acclaim from the designer duo themselves for being a star.

It is truly a phenomenon how Uorfi has made headlines by draping herself in the most bizarre outfits of all time. Think of the weirdest and unimaginable things that one could stitch together a dress with and Uorfi will walk out wrapped in those. For example she has made clothes with blades, ropes, wires, rose petals, disco balls. Uorfi has done it all and beyond by making dresses out of bottle caps, her own pictures, flowers, food and whatnot. She has become the talk of the town for her very bold yet bizarre sartorial ventures.

Let us now take you through three looks from Uorfi's wardrobe that have created all the buzz on the internet.

OOTD Made Out Of Can Caps

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Ever counted the number of soda cans you had in life and the caps you chucked away? No right. If it were up to Uorfi Javed she would make dresses out of them all just like this one and strut out in style.

Wearing Her Broken Heart Literally

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Uorfi makes heads turn yet again as she chooses not just to wear her heart on her sleeve. But, wear her broken heart on her body, literally. This two piece broken heart co-ord set is teamed perfectly with nude pumps and a slicked back wavy ponytail to go.

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Nothing But Flowers Fit

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Uorfi steals the show yet again by dressing her pretty body up in this very unthinkable floral fit. The top consists of two nipple covering floral patches and a matching hair piece to go. This has been paired with a classic black wide leg trouser to add a classic element to the fit.

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To be honest, we feel that nothing about Uorfi or her fashion game is conventional. But, what works for her is that she lives the mantra of, 'you do you girl' and carries it off like a pro. So we would like to close by saying, more power to imagination, creativity and freedom of expression in the world of fashion, females and femininity!