Those close to Britney Spears were reportedly planning an intervention

Those close to Britney Spears were reportedly planning an intervention
Feb 2023

Britney Spears has reportedly had people close to her worried about her mental health and substance abuse. On Thursday, TMZ reported that the people closest to her planned an intervention, but it never went through.
A source close to TMZ said the singer was displaying erratic, volatile behavior. They alleged that she was taking medication to "hype her up" and not taking the medications that stabilize her.
According to the report, her manager rented a house in Los Angeles where the intervention was supposed to happen. Her husband, Sam Asghari, an interventionist, and a doctor was going to try and encourage the singer to live in the rental for two months while she received medical treatment and psychological counseling. Britney's parents, Jamie Spears, Lynne Spears and her sons were not involved according to the report.
However, the plan was scrapped, with TMZ noting Britney started to catch wind of it. A source later told Page Six the intervention never happened because it was "unnecessary." "Unfortunately, there is a lot of hysteria in the media right now, but Britney is fine, and much of this has been overblown and grossly distorted," the insider said.
According to TMZ, Britney did meet with a doctor Wednesday, and it "went well."
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The worrisome report comes after Britney was spotted at a restaurant in Los Angeles getting upset. Fans instantly recognized her and began taking photos and videos, which prompted Britney to cover herself with a menu. Asghari reportedly "stormed out" and Britney left with her security guard, per TMZ.
Both Asghari and Britney shut down the reports, with the fitness guru writing on his Instagram Stories "Don't believe what you read online people."
The "Oops I Did it Again Singer," later wrote on Instagram, "I know the news is all hyped about me being a little drunk at a restaurant ... it's like they'll be WATCHING MY EVERY MOVE" "I'm so flattered they talk about me like a maniac THEN have the balls to talk about all the negative things that happened in my past," she added.
About ten days later, Britney's worried fans called the police to do a wellness check after she deleted her Instagram account. At the time, police said she was not in danger.
The artist addressed her fans on Twitter, "I love and adore my fans but this time things went a little too far and my privacy was invaded," she wrote. "The police never entered my home and when they came to my gate they quickly realized there was no issue and left immediately."
Hopefully, Britney is getting the right help if she needs it, but there is one thing for sure- her fans are going to run wild with these new reports.