The Kerala Story: Screening of Adah Sharma starrer puts a theatre in Mauritius in trouble; ISIS supporters threaten to bomb

The Kerala Story: Screening of Adah Sharma starrer puts a theatre in Mauritius in trouble; ISIS supporters threaten to bomb
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May 2023

The Kerala Story is ruling the headlines. From its controversy to box office numbers, the film is in the news for a long time now. Starring Adah Sharma, the film got mired in a huge controversy due to its storyline and claims. The Kerala Story directed by Sudipto Sen revolves around three women from Kerala who are brainwashed and converted to Islam. They are then taken to ISIS. It is all about their suffering. The makers claimed that the film is based on real events and that around 32000 women went suffered. The number called for a massive controversy. Now, a theatre chain in Mauritius is allegedly in trouble with The Kerala Story.

The Kerala Story puts theatre in Mauritius in trouble

As per a report in Koimoi.com, producer Vipul Amrutlal Shah has increased security as the theatre chain allegedly received bomb threats for screening The Kerala Story. Reportedly, the theatre owner from Mauritius sent him an attachment of a letter about bomb threats. The letter reportedly read, "Sir / Madam: Mcine will be destroyed tomorrow as we are planting some bombs in your bloody cinema, you want to see cinema, oK tomorrow you will see a very good cinema. Mark our words, Tomorrow Friday. Planting Bombs for The Kerala Story in Mcine". The makers are yet to make any comment on it.

Meanwhile, Adah Sharma and team are elated with the response The Kerala Story has received at the box office. The film has crossed the Rs 200 crore mark with ease. For more than three weeks, The Kerala Story enjoyed a fabulous run at the box office and got everyone talking about the film. Adah Sharm, Sudipto Sen and Vipul Amrutlal Shah gave several interviews talking about how the film is not against any religion but against terrorism.

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Recently, Adah Sharma also hit headlines as her mobile number got leaked online due to The Kerala Story. Her number was shared on Instagram by a page. She commented on it and said, "I feel just like any other girl would feel with her number being leaked out with morphed images. It shows the perverse mentality of the person who would stoop so low and get joy doing this. It reminds me of a scene in The Kerala Story where a girl is bullied by publicly publishing her number," as per Hindustan Times.