The Hype About Mugwort Extract In Korean Skincare Explained

The Hype About Mugwort Extract In Korean Skincare Explained
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Feb 2023

Mugwort isn't the prettiest-sounding skincare ingredient, but it's one you may well have heard of if you're a fan of K-beauty. It is not unusual for the Korean beauty industry to zero in on a particular ingredient if the benefits are promising, and for the past few years, Korean beauty brands have been releasing whole ranges of skincare products centred around mugwort. These skincare products have largely focused on the soothing effects of the herbal extract as beauty lovers continue to seek out products to help with skin sensitivity.

What is Mugwort?
The Hype About Mugwort Extract In Korean Skincare Explained

Mugwort, or artemisia as you may see labelled on your skincare products, is the generic name for the aromatic plants within the artemisia family. It now grows naturally in various places throughout the world but is originally native to Europe and Eastern Asia; for many of the K-Beauty skincare products that use mugwort, the plant is grown locally within South Korea.

Skincare Benefits of Mugwort:
The Hype About Mugwort Extract In Korean Skincare Explained

Mugwort is rich in antioxidants and vitamin E that penetrates deep into the skin, while it protects and nourishes the skin barrier. It has calming effects and therefore helps to prevent and treat rashes, itching and psoriasis. This herb is extremely capable of soothing redness and irritation, making it a perfect solution for people with sensitive and/or acne-prone skin. Mugwort also stimulates collagen and reduces the appearance of fine lines. Mugwort is a holy grail ingredient in a Korean skincare routine.

Here are three hand picked ways in which Mugwort acts like a true to its name magical skincare ingredient.

It has anti-inflammatory properties:

Mugwort extract helps with reducing irritation and inflammation. It also induces new cell growth. That is why it is the answer to all your skincare woes if you've got sensitive and irritation prone skin.


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It is the go-to ingredient for sensitive skin:

Mugwort extract is a godsend skincare ingredient for sensitive skin. It works like a pro to cure allergies and sensitivities in the skin's epidermal layer.

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It has moisturises like a bomb:

Mugwort is a true jack of all trades, there practically isn't something it can't do. This all rounder ingredient moisturises like a boss and heals dry and cracked skin replenishing it to health.

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