'Succession' Reveals Which Roy Sibling Is Logan's Successor For Waystar Royco (SPOILERS AHEAD!)

'Succession' Reveals Which Roy Sibling Is Logan's Successor For Waystar Royco (SPOILERS AHEAD!)
Apr 2023


Following the huge twist in the final season of Succession last week, tonight's episode featured even more drama and twists as who would succeed Logan Roy as the CEO for Waystar Royco was revealed.

Cast and fans alike spoke out about the twist in last week's airing, and many are still talking about what happened.

In the newest episode, the answer in the debate over who would take over the company was disclosed.

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As the board meeting approaches, tensions rise among the Waystar Royco executives as they try to decide who should be the interim CEO following Logan's death. Kendall, Roman, Shiv, Gerri, Frank, Carl, and Tom all express interest in the position.

However, things take an unexpected turn when an undated addendum to Logan's will is discovered, naming Kendall as his successor, but many are already debating if his name was underlined or crossed out.

After the discovery of the addendum divides Logan's children again, Shiv approaches Roman for an alliance, while Kendall seeks support from his longtime friend Stewy.

Shiv and Roman eventually yield to Kendall's requests to talk, and the three siblings discuss who should be the interim CEO. They agree that it cannot be solely Kendall or all three of them, leading to the decision of Kendall and Roman as a duo. They promise to keep Shiv involved in the background and present their choice to the rest of the board.

As Kendall and Roman are sworn in as interim CEOs, Shiv starts to feel defeated and self-conscious, and actually rushes away while the guests celebrate.

However, she actually trips and falls while leaving, which is concerning, as fans learn that she is pregnant. (Sarah Snook is pregnant in real life too).

Kendall and Roman are then approached about how they want to announce their succession: They can either reveal the actual truth about Logan and his character, or take the high road and speak highly of him as a father and vow to follow in his footsteps.

At first, the siblings choose to go with the latter, however, Kendall changes his mind and plans to expose the truth.

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