Facial Skincare Ice Roller Mold-Ice Roller for Face and Eye,Beauty Cube Brighten Skin &Enhance Natural Glow &Remove Fine Lines,Facial Beauty Ice Roller Skin Care Tools (Oval, pink)

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【High quality】This ice roller mold is made of silicone, silicone is non-toxic for skin care, and can be reused. Very suitable for home enjoyment, hygienic, gentle and effective. 【Easy to use】Glow cube is small and light design, ergonomic hand design is easy to grasp, ice roller head can slide on the skin. It is also easy to carry, you can take it anywhere you go, and enjoy the beauty at any time. 【The perfect tool】Suitable for all skin types, not only can outline and shape your face, improve skin problems, but also can massage the whole body. It can effectively promote facial blood circulation and has multiple functions such as beauty, cleansing, and blood circulation. 【Multi-function】Add water to reduce swelling, rose beauty, coconut milk to improve skin, lemonade for whitening, skin care products, etc., customize the formula according to your skin needs. Fill the ice roller to 95% of its capacity and wait for 3-4 hours after freezing. 【Best gift】Can be used by yourself, or as a holiday gift to family and friends. Give yourself or a loved one a constant gift.