b.tan fake tan back applicator mitt | we've got your back - use with lotions, moisturizers, sunscreen, oils & self tanning mousses, get those hard-to-reach places, velvety soft material + washable



b.tan's got your back | no third arm or second party required! this velvety smooth applicator is designed to tackle those hard to reach areas on your back. how to use | firmly grasp each handle of the tan back applicator. think of it kind of like a towel, for tanning - for easy tanning. put a small amount of b.tan self tan mousse or lotion along the applicator. pull the applicator tightly across your back and glide all over your body in back and forth motions. ta-da! you're back in the tanning game. when you're done, rinse the applicator and leave to dry. (designed for lefties or righties) b.washed | both the back applicator and our traditional mitt can be washed in a traditional washing machine. leave out to be air dried. we love a green moment b.green | we love your bod & we love the planet, so you’ll find no nasties here. we use naturally derived ingredients that are vegan friendly, 100% cruelty free & bottled up in sustainably sourced recycled & recyclable materials. we love animals so no, we do not test on them - paraben free - palm oil free - 100% vegan. b.tan, b.you | it’s not just how you b.tan. it’s what you do in your b.tan that matters. we’re all about making your beauty choices fun, not boring. simple, not rocket science. clean, not full of nasties. effective, not pointless. we want you to b.tan your own way, without getting in the way - put us on your bod and just get on with being you. from tanning without the sun, with the sun or protecting yourself from the sun, we've got you covered. so the only question is… how do you b.tan ?


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