Sonitamritam Kashayam - Benefits, Usage, Indications and Dosage

Sonitamritam Kashayam - Benefits, Usage, Indications and Dosage
Apr 2019

Sonitamritam Kashayam - Benefits, Usage, Indications and Dosage

Sonitamritam Kashayam is traditional herbal formulation used in Ayurveda for the treatment of various blood disorders and blood as leprosy, eczema, boils, pimples etc.
Each 10 ml of the prepared from:-
?>Pathya - 7.407 gr
Gopangama - 7.407 gr
Nimba - 7.407 gr
Method of Preparation
5-15 ml mixed with four times of boiled and cooled water.
Medicinal Properties
Sonitamritam Kashayam is an Ayurvedic medicine available in the herbal decoction form. This medicine is quite effective to manage the blood disorders and helps to eliminate the impurities from body. It is used to manage the various problems like leprosy, psoriasis, eczema, boils, pimples etc. This medicine is packed with the antioxidants, antimicrobial, blood purification and detoxification properties. It works as a wonderful natural antibiotic to manage the bacterial, viral and fungal infections. Use of this medicine is quite good in cleansing and healing of wounds. It also works well to manage the various symptoms associated with the skin diseases like blisters, rashes itching, sores, patches, scaly and dry skin etc. In the case of psoriasis, it helps to provide relief in the symptoms like burning, soreness and itching in the skin whereas in the case of leprosy it helps to relieve scaly eruptions.
Blood disorders
Skin rash, acne, boils, itchy skin rash, itching, nosebleeds, measles.
Remove toxins from blood and tissues.

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