Shakira teases a tell-all interview where she’ll address Gerard Piqué relationship

Shakira teases a tell-all interview where she’ll address Gerard Piqué relationship
Feb 2023

After months of media speculation, songs, and rumors, Shakira is finally opening up about her break up with Gerard Pique. She'll be appearing on her first televised interview today, with Enrique Acevedo, which will air on the Mexican channel Las Estrellas tonight at 10:30 pm CST.
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The interview was teased by Enrique Acevedo and by N+, the streaming channel that will air the program. The clip shows Acevedo telling the world that he has a surprise. He pans the camera and reveals Shakira, who says hello and provides some interview details, including where viewers can watch it. "It's gonna be good, right?" asks Acevedo in Spanish. "I hope so!" replies Shakira.
Another post shows Acevedo and Shakira mid-interview, with a caption that teases out what viewers can expect this evening. "Tonight at 10:30 pm we have the interview with Shakira that you'll be able to watch in its entirety," he captioned in Spanish. "It was a personal and honest conversation that we hope you enjoy as much as we did. See you in the news!"
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Acevedo shared that the interview took place in Barcelona, where the two talked about multiple subjects, including Shakira's music, her lyrics, the moment that her career is currently going through and what comes next in her life.
Following her split from Pique, her partner of over a decade, Shakira has experienced a resurgence in her career. She's released four songs that have become global hits, all broaching topics of heartbreak that have targeted her former partner.
While a lot has been said about Shakira, Pique, and his new partner, Clara Chia, we'll have to wait until the interview airs to get some definitive answers.