Revisiting Ryan Seacrest and Kelly Ripa's Sweetest BFF Moments Amid His Live Departure

Revisiting Ryan Seacrest and Kelly Ripa's Sweetest BFF Moments Amid His Live Departure
Feb 2023

Ryan Seacrest announced his departure from Live with Kelly and Ryan after six years opposite Kelly Ripa. Take a look back at their friendship.

From friends to co-workers to family.

That's how <strong>Kelly Ripa described her relationship with Ryan Seacrest after it was announced he would be leaving Live with Kelly and Ryan after six seasons on Feb. 16.

"I'm so grateful to have spent the last six years beside my dear friend of too many decades to count and will miss starting my days with Ryan," she shared in a statement. "Ryan's energy, passion and love for entertainment is one-of-a-kind."


Ryan echoed her sentiments in a statement of his own, noting, "Working alongside Kelly over the past six years has been a dream job and one of the highlights of my career."

"She has been an amazing partner, friend and confidant," he continued, "and although we will always be a part of each other's lives, I will miss our mornings together."

While they were already close before the show, Kelly and Ryan's friendship further bloomed in front of their ABC audience's eyes over the last six years. From iconic Halloween costumes to jet-setting work trips, the pair's on- and off-screen bond has never been in question.

Some of their best bits over the years included covering special events like the Super Bowl and the Oscars as well as Prince Harry and Meghan Markle's royal wedding. And the pair proved they were always down to play dress-up, donning costumes as characters from Stranger Things, The Jetsons and I Dream of Jeannie--and even as each other one year!

The American Idol host--who joined the daytime show in 2017 following Michael Strahan's departure--will now be replaced by Kelly's real-life husband Mark Consuelos.

Take a look back at Ryan Seacrest and Kelly Ripa's sweetest BFF moments, below:

While on a work trip to Hawaii, the co-hosts goofed off before filming and Ryan Seacrest stole Kelly Ripa's sunnies. They don't look bad on him if we're being honest.

OK, we know this float is ginormous, but that doesn't mean we don't want to follow in the footsteps of Ripa and Seacrest and lay on one with our bestie by the pool ASAP.

While gearing up for the Royal Wedding in May 2018, the Live With Kelly and Ryan co-hosts did their best English impressions, which meant pinkies up and fascinators on! Too bad, Ripa didn't get that wedding invite she was waiting on.

We can't even begin to guess what's going on here, but the look on both Ripa and Seacrest's faces brings us joy. These two are total goofballs together and that's why we love them.

Ripa and Seacrest joined forces with Carson Kressley ahead of the Oscars in March and of course they had to take a photo booth picture together. Seriously, how can we be friends with this trio?

During the Super Bowl in 2018, Seacrest and Ripa decided to watch it together, because that's what friends do.

When it comes to Halloween, this duo knows how to do it. During their first Halloween together the pair donned numerous costumes, but their Game of Thrones tribute was one of the best. Just look at how serious they can be when pretending to be GOT icons.

Find yourself a best friend who will model with you for no reason whenever you're together.

Another epic joint costume from these two was when they took on the characters from Stranger Things. They nailed it and now we have inspiration for our Halloween costumes this year.

The friends and co-hosts love getting ready for a show together, because it means they can chat about their lives and wear matching robes. Sounds like a fun day at the office, right?

When the talk show hosts came dressed as each other for Halloween fans in the audience and at home couldn't handle it. Come on, just look at their makeup, it's too good!

Friends who drink wine together, stay together.

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