Rachel Bilson Clarifies Those Orgasm Comments, Reveals If She Was Dissing Any Of Her Exes

Rachel Bilson Clarifies Those Orgasm Comments, Reveals If She Was Dissing Any Of Her Exes
Rachel Bilson
Mar 2023

Rachel Bilson is clearing the air about comments she made about her ability to experience an orgasm.

The 41-year-old actress caused a stir earlier this month when she announced that she "didn't have an orgasm" until around the age of 38.

While speaking with Whitney Cummings on her podcast Broad Ideas, Rachel explained that she could have an orgasm on her own but "not with, like d-ck inside." Of course, the comments caused a stir as fans looked into her relationship history and speculated about her former partners' abilities.

A couple of days later, the star shed more light on the topic and explained if she was dissing anyone in her past.

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During an appearance on The Viall Files, Rachel explained how the conversation came up in the first place.

"I had Whitney Cummings on my Broad Ideas podcast. She was explaining to me that she got off birth control, and at 40 she was able to have an orgasm through sex," she shared. "I just jumped on that, and I was like, 'When I was older I was able to do that too.'"

The star clarified that "it has nothing to do with any partner."

"It had to do with me, knowing my body," she continued.

Rachel addressed the sparked interest in her love life.

"Apparently, there were certain names brought up in both regards, and I'm not OK with that because it has nothing to do with that," she reiterated. She clarified that she wasn't shaming or "giving a trophy to any other exes."

"Nobody was involved other than myself. It was all about me. I can now do it I'm sure... I don't want to say with any partner, but I'm sure because I know my body well enough potentially I could. It's all about knowing my own body and my thoughts," she added.

Did you know that Rachel recently admitted to faking a public relationship?

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