Police Called to Lady Gaga's Malibu Home Over Concerning Incident

Police Called to Lady Gaga's Malibu Home Over Concerning Incident
Lady Gaga
May 2023

Police paid a visit to Lady Gaga's house in Malibu last week.

On Monday (May 15), it was revealed that police responded to a call from the 37-year-old entertainer's security team over a concerning trespassing incident.

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At around 7:42pm on Thursday, May 11, an unidentified man showed of Gaga's house and left a bouquet of flowers on her driveway. The man only made it to the bottom of the driveway before he was stopped by Gaga's security team.

"Deputies responded to the residence of Lady Gaga, regarding a trespassing call," Lieutenant Jack Jordan of the Los Angeles County Sheriff's Department shared with EW. "[Police then] contacted her security officer, who stated that the suspect had walked past security and placed flowers on the driveway."

TMZ reports that Gaga was home at the time of the incident, but had no contact with the man. According to the outlet, Gaga's security team told police that the same man has been spotted on her property before and has attempted to leave more gifts for the singer.

Lieutenant Jordan said that deputies "determined no crime had occurred" since the man did not attempt to make contact with Gaga. He was not arrested over the incident.

A few days later, Gaga was spotted on a rare outing.