Pedro Pascal reveals the hilarious idea he brought to ‘Saturday Night Live’

Pedro Pascal reveals the hilarious idea he brought to ‘Saturday Night Live’
Feb 2023

Pedro Pascal has an arsenal of ideas. The actor (who has become the world's daddy and heartthrob) starred on Saturday Night Live, and the episode has been praised for its brilliance. One of the sketches he starred in was a man who woke up from a coma with a funny accent.

The Mandalorian star recently sat down with Seth Meyers, where he revealed that he had the voice already in his back pocket.
"I was told you showed up with that voice. Which is very funny to me that you had cultivated that voice outside of sketch comedy," Meyers said, which made Pascal laugh hysterically.
"Was that your original voice for The Mandalorian?" The host quipped. "What are you talking about? It's perfect," Pascal said in the hilarious voice.
"How dare they? Actually use your ideas," Pascal, who recently took the NYC train with his sister said.

Meyers, who also starred on the sketch show, said when a host usually comes they'll ask if they have any impressions or funny voices. "The greatest thing is when a host brings something like that, and it sparks something," he said.
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The Chilean-born American actor revealed they used to talk like that on the set of, "The Last Of Us," where he plays Joel, a hardened survivor.
Meyers guessed they had to start using the funny voices as a way of dealing and processing with the heavy stuff in the series. "Yeah. Deal with somebody dying every episode in front of you," Pascal agreed.
The host said after knowing the fun fact he was going to watch the show with his wife, and at the end of every episode say, "that was so sad," with the funny accent. "I can't believe he died," Pascal joked back with the voice.