Not Exercising To Eating For Two, Gynaecologist Debunks Myths Around Pregnancy Diet

Not Exercising To Eating For Two, Gynaecologist Debunks Myths Around Pregnancy Diet
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Feb 2023

As women, we have first-hand experience of everyone telling us what to do, how to do it, when to do and what not to do. Similarly, the scenario doesn't change whether you are expecting your first child or second, you would have received ample suggestions on how to eat and what to eat.

Most of these pieces of advice come from personal experiences and to satisfy the queries of an expecting mother. However, some of these suggestions can just be myths.
In other cases, the postpartum anxiety to get back into shape often leads pregnant women to eliminate essential ingredients from their diet based on some fake news circulating on the internet.
Therefore, we connected with Dr Shipra Kunwar, Consultant Obstetrician and Gynaecologist at Manipal Hospitals, Kharadi, Pune. She busted some of the most common myths associated with pregnancy and diet.
Myth 1: Pregnant Women Should Eat For Two
Dr Kunwar shared with us, "Although women should not do extreme weight loss diets, it is important for them to eat mindfully and maintain their health."
For that, you can ensure to add healthy and nutritious food items to your diet. It will help to keep up with essential mineral and vitamin demands throughout pregnancy.
Expecting mothers have to eat as much food as they feel like. "You only need to increase your meal portion during the second and third trimesters when the baby has grown and requires extra calories," the gynaecologist suggested.
Myth 2: Avoid Papaya, Citrus Fruits & Green Bananas Fearing Miscarriage
Intake of fruits like papaya, pineapple and green bananas is not inherently dangerous if you maintain the amount of portion you are eating. Dr Kunwar told us, "Papaya has papain, and pineapple contains bromelain which have shown to cause uterine contractions when it is present in excess amounts."
Hence, if you continue to manage the proportion of these items in your meals, they are safe to be consumed during the gestation period.
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Myth 3: Must Not Skip Ghee & Milk Products
This is among the most common myths among Indian women that skipping milk products or ghee can make delivery quite difficult. According to many folklores, it is believed that these products increase lubrication, making it easier to deliver the baby naturally and with lesser effort.
The gynaecologist confessed, "While ghee is beneficial for pregnant women because it contains its high fatty acids in high amounts, it does not aid in labour in any way people believe."
Women who are lactose intolerant can skip all the milk products and still have a healthy pregnancy.
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Myth 4: Exercise Is Dangerous During Pregnancy
Unless you have a specific complication that requires bed rest, you can opt for lightweight exercises. Dr Kunwar said, "It is true that a woman's body changes during pregnancy and requires more attention and care than before, but that does not mean that women have to stop going to the gym immediately."
Expecting mothers can even lift weights and perform cardio, given they have a trainer paying attention to safety measures. You just have to ensure not to overdo any physical activity, especially during the third trimester.
The doctors suggested that pregnant women can maintain a healthy pregnancy with a lifestyle and the right diet. There are many myths surrounding pregnancy, therefore, women must consult with their doctors and share their inhibitions to ensure they do not stress about anything and everything that the internet or elders advise them.
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