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Hardly anyone is unfamiliar with the Neem tree. Neem is known for its bitterness. Everyone will know that neem is very beneficial for health even after being bitter, but you will not have full knowledge of what are the benefits of neem or in which diseases can neem be used. . Due to the properties of neem, it is also called the kalpa tree of the earth. People usually use neem to take advantage of wounds, skin diseases, but the truth is neem uses found in many other diseases. Neem leaf decoction is also used with carbolic soap to wash wounds. Is more useful. Neem is also very beneficial on leprosy and other skin diseases. Its fibers are full of blood-cleansing properties. Neem oil has been found to have properties destroying the three species of bacteria causing TB or tuberculosis. Thick coating of neem leaves reduces the ability of cancer cells to grow.
What is Neem?
Neem is a complete autumn tree of Indian origin that can reach a height of 15-20 m (about 50-65 ft). Sometimes even up to 35-40 m (115-131 ft) can be elevated. Its branches, i.e. the branches are very wide. The stem is straight and short and can reach 1.2 m in diameter.
Its bark is hard and cracked and its color may be white-gray or red, brown. Leaves are 20-40 cm (8 to 16 in) long, with 20 to 31 dark green leaves . Its flowers are white and fragrant. Its fruit is smooth and oval and is called Niboli. The skin of the fruit is thin and pulp and fibrous, white yellow and bitter-sweet in taste. Its kernels are white and hard with one or sometimes two to three seeds.
Name of Neem in Different Languages
The botanical name of neem is Azadirachta indica (Azadirachta indica (L.) A. Juss.) And Syn-Melia indica (A. Juss.) Brantis. It is a plant of the total Meliaceae.
Neem in -
Hindi - Neem
English - Margosa tree, Neem
Sanskrit - Nimba, Pichumard, Pichumand, Tiktak, Arishta, Hinguniriyas, Sarvatobhadra, Malak, Arkapadap, Chhardan, Hiju, Kakul, Nimbak, Prabhadra, Pookamalak, Pitasarak, Gajabhadraka, Sumna, Subhadra, Shukapriya, Topparna, Shitman, Shitman
Garhwali - Betain, Nim
Oriya - Nimo, Nimba
Urdu - Neem
Kannada - Nimba, Bevu
Gujarati - Limba, Kohumba
Telugu - Vemu, Vepa
Tamil - Bemmu, Veppu
Bengali - Nim (Nim), Nimgachh
Nepali - Neem
Punjabi - Nimb, Nip, Bakam
Marathi - Balantnimba
Malayalam - Veppu, Nimbam
Arabic - Azadirakht, Margosa, Nim
Persian - Neeb, Nib, Azad dakhtul hind Neem benefits and uses (Neem ke Fayde aur Upyog)
Neem is also called Nimba. In many texts, special praise has been made for the consumption of neem leaves during springtime (especially Chaitra month means 15 March to 15 May). This clears the blood and fever, chicken pox etc. do not occur throughout the year. The method of using neem in various diseases is given below:
Use of Neem is beneficial in hair problems
Benefits of Neem is very beneficial for hair. It can be used in hair problems ranging from hair loss to untimely ripening of hair.
Soak neem seeds in the shade by soaking them in the decoction of bhangra juice and bark of Asan tree. Do this several times. After that, take out their oil and put 2-2 drops in the nose as per the rules. This causes untimely white hair to become black. Only milk and rice, cooked rice should be eaten during this experiment.
By putting 2-2 drops of neem seed oil in the nose, white hair turns black. During this time only cow's milk is to be taken as food.
Grind one part of Neem leaves and 1 part of Plum Leaf. Apply this paste on the head and wash it after 1-2 hours. Also, the hair is black, long and thick.
Boil the neem leaves in water and let them cool down. By washing the head with this water, hair becomes strong, hair fall or fall stops. Apart from this, there are benefits in many diseases of the head.
Use of neem gives better results if there are small pimples between the hairs in the scalp, if pus comes out of them or itches only. In such anorexia and petty diseases, washing the head and hair with a decoction of neem and applying neem oil daily (Neem ka Tel) is beneficial immediately.
By grinding neem seeds or washing the head with a decoction of neem leaves, hair lice and nicks die.
Benefits of Neem to relieve headache
Mix equal quantity of dried neem leaves, black pepper and rice and make a fine powder. Before the sunrise, on the same side of the head, put this powder in the nose on the same side for a pinch of nose. Due to this, pain in migraines (migraines) ie migraine is quick (neem ka upyog).
Applying neem oil on the frontal ends headaches.
Uses of Neem is useful in bleeding from the nose
Grind equal quantity of Neem leaves and parsley. Applying this paste on the temples stops bleeding from the nose, that is, hemorrhage.
Uses of Neem Leaves and Oil in Ear Problems Treatment
Ear diseases can also be cured with the benefits of neem.
Mix equal amount of honey in neem leaf juice. Putting 2-2 drops in the ear twice a day is beneficial. Clean the ear properly before inserting it.
If pus comes out from the ear, mix honey in neem oil. Soaking cotton wool in this ear is beneficial.
Heat 40 ml of neem oil and 5 grams of wax on fire. After wax is melted, mix 750 mg powder of the alum which is puffed in it and keep it in the vial. By putting 3-4 drops of this mixture twice a day, the ears stop flowing
Cook 40 ml juice of neem leaves in 40 ml sesame oil. When oil is left, filter and put 3-4 drops in the ear. Ears will stop flowing.
Benefits of Neem to Cure Eye Problems
Use of neem is also very beneficial in all diseases like eyes pain, itching, redness.
In the ear of the eye, on the other side of the ear, drip the juice of soft neem leaves 2 to 2 drops. If there is pain in both eyes, then drip in both ears. The pain will end.
Tie equal quantity of neem leaves and Lodhra powder to the bundle and put the bundle in water. By putting 2-3 drops of this water in the eyes, swelling and pain of the eyes are cured.
If there is pain along with swelling on the eyes and itching inside, then grind neem leaves and dry ginger and mix some rock salt. Heat it slightly. Place it on a cloth strip and tie it over the eyes. This disease of the eyes disappears in 2-3 days. At this time, eyes should be protected from cold water and cold air. It would be better to use it at night.
Put half a kilogram of neem leaves between two earthen pots and put them in a condo fire. When it cools down, dry the inner ashes by mixing it with 100 ml lemon juice. Fill it in an airtight (non-air) bottle. Applying this ash in the eyes like mascara provides relief in itching and burning of eyes.
Grind fine 50 grams of neem addresses with water and cook it in mustard oil. When it burns to black then mix it in the same oil and mix tenth camphor and tenth part Kalmi Shora. Stuff it hard and fill it in a glass bottle. Apply it in the eyes like mascara at night and in the morning wash the eyes with Triphala water. It removes itching, burning, redness etc. of the eyes and increases the light of the eyes (neem ka upyog).
Mix 20 grams of neem, 20 grams of zinc ash, 6 pieces of cloves, 6 grams of cardamom and 20 grams of sugar. Make a mascara by filtering it very finely. By applying it in the eyes twice a day, all types of diseases of the eyes are removed and the eyes light up.
Spread ten grams of clean cotton. Spread 20 grams of neem leaves on it, sprinkle one gram powder of camphor and make a light by wrapping cotton. Soak this light in 10 grams of cow's ghee and burn it. Make mascara from it. Applying this mascara to the eyes at night eliminates water fall, redness etc. It is even more beneficial for children.
Eyelid eyelids become thick, itchy, eyelash falls and the edges of the eyelids turn red in Vamani or Salak disease. In this disease, the juice of neem leaves should be cooked and thickened. Keeping it cool and applying it as kajal is beneficial.
Applying neem seed powder regularly (1 or 2 straws) to the eyes like kajal is beneficial in cataract.
After drying the neem flowers in the shade, mix equal parts Kalmi Chopra and grind it fine and filter it with a cloth. Applying it like mascara in the eyes is beneficial in diseases like cataract, haze, mesh, etc.
In the night blindness, apply milk of neem fruit like mascara in the eyes. There will be definite benefit.
Benefit of Neem to Treat Asthma
The use of neem is helpful in reducing the symptoms of asthma, as neem has every phlegm which helps in reducing the symptoms of asthma.
Benefits of Neem against Cancer
Research has found that consumption of neem is helpful in preventing the spread of cancer, as it has anti-carcinogenic properties due to which it prevents the cancer from spreading in the body.
Neem benefits in blood purification
If you are troubled by skin disorders due to impurities in your blood, then neem intake is a panacea treatment for you, because neem has the properties of blood purifier.
Neem benefits in the treatment of joint pain
If you are suffering from joint pain then you can use Neem, because Neem has anti-inflammatory properties that relieve inflammation of joints and relieve pain.
Benefit of Neem to Control Cholesterol
Neem leaf extract can help control your cholesterol because according to research, neem leaf does not allow cholesterol to increase by increasing metabolism.
Benefit of Neem to Get Relief from Mouth Ulcer
If you are troubled by ulcers, then chewing neem leaves can be beneficial for you as well, because neem leaves have healing properties which helps in quick healing of the ulcers.
Other special uses of neem
The teeth and gums become healthy and strong by waking up with neem and rinse with a decoction of flowers as soon as they wake up in the morning.
Resting in its cool shade in the afternoon keeps the body healthy.
In the evening mosquitoes escape from the smoke of its dry leaves.
Hajma is fine by chewing its soft spikes.
Keeping dry leaves in the grain does not cause insects.
Taking a bath after boiling neem leaves in water helps to get rid of many diseases. Hair lice are killed by head bath.
By grinding neem root in water, the nail and pimples disappear and the face becomes beautiful.
Putting the prepared bundle in the vagina by immersing it in neem oil does not prevent pregnancy. Therefore it is a good means of family planning.
The juice of neem leaves cleans blood and also increases blood. It should be taken in the quantity of 5 to 10 ml daily.
Grind 21 leaves of neem daily with soaked moong dal. Without adding spices, frying dumplings in ghee and eating it for 21 days and eating only buttermilk and whey in case of hunger are beneficial in piles. During this time, do not eat salt at all (a little rock salt can be taken)
Beneficial Parts of Neem Tree
These parts of neem can be used as medicine: -
Neem stem
Root bark
Neem leaves
The fruit
Neem oil
Uses & Doses of Neem
Powder - 1-3 grams
Brew - 50-100 ml
Side Effects & Precautions of Neem
Neem reduces the work force. Therefore, those who have such problem should not use neem.
Those who drink alcohol (drinking alcohol) early in the morning should also not consume it.
If there is any problem with eating neem, then rock salt, ghee and cow's milk remove its side effects.
Where is neem found or grown?
Uttar Pradesh has the highest number of neem tree in India. After this, it is found in the states of Tamil Nadu, Karnataka, Madhya Pradesh, Andhra Pradesh, Gujarat, Punjab, West Bengal, Rajasthan etc. respectively. It is grown naturally on the plains, roadsides, on the ridges of fields, around villages and on vacant land. Now it is being grown all over India.
Neem is basically a tree of India i.e. present India, Pakistan, Bangladesh and Myanmar. Due to its versatile properties, it is also grown in Caribbean countries including South-East Asia, Australia, Africa, Central America states, Sri Lanka, Indonesia, Thailand etc.