Michael Cera Explains Why He Doesn't Own a Smartphone & Why He's Not on Social Media

Michael Cera Explains Why He Doesn't Own a Smartphone & Why He's Not on Social Media
Michael Cera
Feb 2023

<strong>Michael Cera is opening up about his decision stay off of social media.

In a new interview, the 34-year-old actor - best known for his roles in Superbad, Juno, and Scott Pilgrim vs. the World - explained why he isn't on any social media apps and why he doesn't own a smartphone.

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While speaking with The Hollywood Reporter, Michael admitted that he's never felt pressured into joining social media, adding that the decision "doesn't feel conscious."

"I guess it's just something that I didn't elect to do," Michael explained. "Because everybody does it, it starts to feel like a big choice. But it's just not interesting to me."


However, Michael did make a "conscious choice" to not own a smartphone.

"I feel a bit of fear about it honestly like I'd really lose control of my waking life," Michael admitted.

He then went on to recall a time he hung out with a friend, who had just recently got a smartphone.

"I had lunch with a friend of mine who was my best friend at the time, and he'd just gotten a Blackberry, and for the whole meal he was typing emails, and I was sat there lonely and bored," Michael said. "So I had an early aversion to them."

Michael also admitted that "its very possible" that his decision to not be on social media may have impacted his career.

"I mean, I'm definitely not holding any sway in that category," Michael said. "So if that's an important thing I think I wouldn't be considered."

Michael noted that "a lot of people" tell him they're envious of his choices to not be on social media or own a smartphone.

"For many years, people resented me for this lifestyle choice," he shared. "But now people say that they envy it."

Last year, Michael revealed some very exciting personal news!

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