Life-Changing Yoga And Ayurvedic Remedies For Glowing Skin

Life-Changing Yoga And Ayurvedic Remedies For Glowing Skin
Yoga Tips
Jun 2021

Skin is often the first and most commonly noticed thing about people when we first meet them. Skin is an indicator of one's health. Condition of one's skin reveals a lot about how and what they eat, how much they sleep, how well they have been, etc. Some skin conditions are also indicators of biochemical parameters such as cholesterol. Skin appearance can be made better by taking steps to improve skin health. This article features some tricks backed by yoga and ayurveda, which shall help first restore skin health and then make its appearance better and also healthier in the long run.

IntroductionMan or woman, young or old, desires clear and youthful skin. We often compare our skin with that of the others but we forget that everyone's skin is different. While we can't change the appearance, texture, oiliness or complexion of our skin, we can try to make it the best it can be by following some tips backed by yoga and ayurveda. The use of ayurveda is somewhat external, since ayurvedic herbs can act as remedies for various skin disorders and problems. Yoga on the other hand benefits the skin by first correcting the energy blockages in the blood vessels deeper inside the skin.
Ayurvedic Remedies For Different Skin ProblemsAyurveda is not just about medications, it offers herbal remedies for every condition and every purpose. According to ayurveda experts there are many different medicinal herbs which can be of great benefit in different skin problems. Dark Spots & Blemishes: using a toner made of cucumber and potato reduces dark spots and blemishes significantly because of the depigmenting properties present in these vegetables. Sunburns: paste made of chickpea flour and melon juice is extremely beneficial for treating sunburns. It should be applied all over the skin. Dark Circles: nut oils such as almond oil, walnut oil, avocado seed oil etc should be applied around the eyes in a circular motion. They ease accumulated blood around the eyes and lighten dark circles. Wrinkles: clay pack made with rose water and multani mitti help get rid of wrinkles. Care should be taken to avoid talking and moving facial muscles while the pack is still on. White and Black Heads: packs made with clay and tree resins should be applied on the face wherever there are black or white heads. Pimples: juice of tomato mixed with turmeric should be applied to the face. It has antimicrobial and anti-inflammatory properties and can reduce the occurrence of acne.
Yoga For Healthy SkinYoga acts at a level deeper than the superficial one and it purifies blood channels, therefore alleviating acne, fine lines, pigmentation and dark spots, etc. The following exercises are recommended for glowing skin:1. Anuloma - VilomaAlso known as alternate nostril breathing, this is a great cleansing practice for the blood.Sit on the mat with crossed legs. Close your eyes gently. Put the index finger of any hand on the forehead on top of the nose. Use the thumb to close one nostril and inhale from the other nostril. Release the thumb and close the other nostril with the index finger. Exhale. Inhale with the same nostril and close it with the index finger. Release the other nostril and exhale. Practice upto thirty respirations. 2. KapalabhatThis practice requires one to breathe fast and use the abdominal muscles to force exhalation. It will help release toxins from the body.Sit on the mat with legs crossed. Close your eyes gently. Keep the back straight and spine relaxed. Put the wrists on the knees. Arms should be relaxed. Inhale deeply and fully. Using the abdominal muscles, exhale powerfully. Keep exhaling using the abdominal muscles. Practice upto 30 exhalations. 3. BhujangasanaMeaning the pose of the cobra, this pose is a great practice for allowing blood circulation through the arteries in the neck and hence removing blockages. Lie on your stomach. Let the arms rest on both sides of the body. Place the palms on the mat besides the chest. Lift the head up, and bend the spine backwards with the stomach resting on the mat. Support the body with the palms sharing its weight. Keep the elbows slightly bent. Inhale while doing so. This is the final position. Stay in the final position for 5-10 seconds. 4. ChakrasanKnown as 'the wheel pose', it is an advanced asana that provides full blood circulation in the face. In the beginning, it should be practiced under expert supervision.Lie on the back. The arms should rest on both sides of the body. Lift the arms and place the palms besides the head, with the thumb on the inside and the little finger on the outside. Bend the knees and place the heels on the mat. Lift the pelvis up from the mat. Support the body by pushing the floor with the palms and the heels. Curve the spine backwards and lift the torso up from the floor. Inhale while doing so. Keep doing so until the head is suspended. Do not strain the back. This is the final position. Resume normal breathing in the final position and stay for at least 20 seconds. Release the pose slowly by first lifting the head up from suspension. 5. SetubandhasanaSetu is the term for a bridge. This pose, known as the bridge pose, is an effective practice for preparation for Chakrasana. It is also beneficial for the face. Lie on your back with arms resting on the sides and palms on the floor. Bend both the knees and bring the heels close to the hips, the heels still resting on the mat. Raise the pelvis off the mat, pushing the mat with the heels and the palms. The line joining the neck and the knees should be straight. This is the final position. Exhale while reaching the final position. Resume normal breathing in the final position. Stay in the final position for upto 20 seconds. This is one round. Practice upto ten rounds.
Dietary & Lifestyle TipsDrink plenty of water. Water flushes out toxins and improves the supply of nutrients across the body. Quit smoking. Smoking obstructs blood vessels and makes you look older than you are. Reduce your alcohol consumption. Alcohol also makes you look older. Use minimal makeup. Makeup clogs pores. Apply sunscreen before going into the sun. UV rays of the sun can cause or increase pigmentation. Avoid sharing makeup and facial towels with others. This shall prevent exchange of bacteria that lives on everyone's skin. Use natural products on the skin. These tend to have lesser chemicals and hence less side effects. Use sunglasses for protecting the eyes and the skin around them when out in the sun. Wash your face often with mild soap. It shall remove dirt and oil without making it dry. Consume a lot of fresh fruits to avoid nutritional deficiencies and to make skin tighter and look younger. Eat more raw fruits and vegetables as salad, they have high water content and are full of minerals. Eat healthy fats instead of vegetable oils to prevent oxidation and aging. Limit your sugar intake. Get your bio markers tested every few months even if they are normal, they can indicate an upcoming illness. Consume lemon water, coconut water etc. in place of soda, they are nourishing and low in sugar. Monitor your caffeine intake; too much of it (more than300 mg a day) can aggravate aging. Maintain a healthy body weight to avoid unnecessary stretching of the skin.
ConclusionSkin health is a deciding factor in how the skin appears. While some characteristics of the skin are genetic and passed on to us by our parents, skincare can bring about small changes in how our skin appears. Different ayurvedic herbs can be applied externally on the skin. Herbs can have specific or general benefits. It is suggested that the yoga practices mentioned here be practiced along with the use of ayurvedic herbs suggested here and the dietary and lifestyle tips be followed, for maximum benefits. The yoga practices and the ayurvedic herbs mentioned here are generally safe for all individuals, and can be followed by everyone even in the absence of any skin problems.