Leading into the New Year with Intuition

Leading into the New Year with Intuition

Join Angela in this solo episode: Leading into the New Year with Intuition. In this episode, Angela shares intentions for the new year, reflections on integrating Ayurveda with ancestral wisdom as well as thoughts on making space for creativity.
Learn more about:
Darkness and spaciousness as pathways to creativity

Listening to your intuition even when it leads to uncertainty

Nuance in traditional Ayurveda, ancestral wisdom + modern practices

Work with Angela:
The Simple Ayurveda Collective offers a vast resource library of Ayurveda video lessons, journaling prompts and yoga classes; plus more on the topic of Ancestral Ayurveda and connecting to your own lineage through the lens of Ayurveda. Join us for the theme of Divine Creativity January-March 2023.
The Simple Ayurveda health councilor program starts in September 2023. It is a small cohort with personalized instruction led directly by Angela. Registration closes in June 1st, 2023. Access early sign-up perks when you grab your spot. Maximum 20 people as you get a personal mentorship with Angela.
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