Kylie Jenner reacts to online comments making fun of her son’s new name

Kylie Jenner reacts to online comments making fun of her son’s new name
Jan 2023

Kylie Jenner is not letting online comments get to her. The reality star and businesswoman reacted to a TikTok video that poked fun at her son's new name, following her official announcement, after taking some time to decide the name with her partner Travis Scott.
The couple recently changed their son's name from Wolf Webster to Aire Webster, and while the new name has very different meanings in different languages, it translates to "Lion of God," which could be the reason for Kylie's recent choice of outfit at Schiaparelli's couture show in Paris, adorning her black velvet dress with the life-size head of a lion.
Now Kylie has taken to social media to share her reaction to many online comments, including a video that referenced 'Avatar: The Last Airbender.' The clip shows an online user playing both Kylie and Travis, and how their decision to rename their son took place.
The Tiktoker shows the couple having a conversation about the name while the narration of the four elements can be heard in the background, "Water, Earth, Fire and Air." In the clip the user imitates Kylie and gets excited when the last element is narrated.
The billionaire seems to be entertained with the clip, as she even commented with two laughing emojis. The name generated some controversy, as it means air in Spanish, but it is also slang for "penis" in Arabic. "God help her if she comes to the Middle East," one person commented, while someone else wrote "all my Lebanese people [are] wheezing right now."
Fans of the reality star defended her decision, explaining that the name 'Aire' matches the name of her daughter Stormi in Spanish, as there seems to be a recurring weather theme.