Kelly Clarkson Reveals She's Writing Something for Broadway Right Now!

Kelly Clarkson Reveals She's Writing Something for Broadway Right Now!
May 2023

If you're a Kelly Clarkson fan, you likely know that she is a huge Broadway fan!

The Grammy-winning singer has covered lots of Broadway songs on her show and on various albums, including a track on The Hamilton Mixtape compilation.

With Kelly moving her talk show to New York City for the upcoming season, fans have been wondering if she would potentially join the cast of a Broadway show. Well, it looks like she's going to do something else on Broadway.

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"I'm in love with theater and Broadway and all of that. And I never thought I'd get a chance to do anything like that," Kelly told host Nancy O'Dell on TalkShop Live.

She added, "Eventually I would love to do something. I'm in the works of like writing something right now. Like I am working on something. For Broadway. I love element. Like I don't like acting in movies and TV but I do love stage stuff I think because that's kind of how I grew up and I like that it's you don't have to repeat it 50 times. I want to go out there and have the energy that you're supposed to have for that show and I want it to be what it's going to be and it's different every night and I think that that's fascinating and there's a different kind of energy to that you don't get anywhere else, other than tour, I guess. Even that, you're telling a different story, right? So, I'm working on something."

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