Katie Holmes shares why she called Jenna Bush Hager to prepare for a role

Katie Holmes shares why she called Jenna Bush Hager to prepare for a role
Apr 2023

Katie Holmes likes to research her roles. Years ago, while preparing for the romantic-comedy "First Daughter." Holmes revealed that she called Jenna Bush Hager for some help. Bush Hager never called back. In an appearance on The Today Show, the two talked about that moment and why Bush Hager ignored the phone call.
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Holmes was accompanied by her co-star Julia Mayorga with both discussing their new film, "Rare Objects." Alongside the show's hosts, they also talked about Holmes and Bush Hager's missed connection.
Hoda Kobt introduced the topic, explaining that Holmes liked to do some research when involved in a project. She asked her if she'd reached out to Bush Hager. "I believe I did," said Holmes.
Bush Hager explained her state of mind at the time, and that she was embarrassed that Holmes had reached out to her, feeling like she didn't have much to offer as a first daughter. "I was with my college roommates," explained Bush Hager. "We were watching 'Dawson's Creek' -- I'm not joking -- We turned it off, and I'm like, 'Who called me from...' and I lived in Texas, 'Who called me from LA?'"
"I listened to the message, and it was Katie, and I was too embarrassed," Bush Hager said. "I mean, also, had you come and done research, she would have been like, 'Wow, this is quite boring.'"

"First Daughter" follows a love story between the President's daughter and a secret service agent, which Bush Hager jokingly made a reference to. "I never fell in love with a Secret Service man," she said. "But I did have a friend make out with one."
For her part, Holmes said that making "First Daughter" was very fun and praised Bush Hager for the inspiration and for the way she carried out her life as the daughter of President George W. Bush. "And I was looking to you... I just felt like, 'What is that like?' To carry that -- you've carried it so beautifully," said Holmes.