Jennifer Lawrence’s Husband: Everything About Her Marriage To Cooke Maroney & Past Romances

Jennifer Lawrence’s Husband: Everything About Her Marriage To Cooke Maroney & Past Romances
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Mar 2023

Jennifer Lawrence is an Oscar winning actress.She's been married to Cooke Maroney since 2019.Jennifer and Cooke are parents to one child.She previously dated several famous men, including Gwyneth Paltrow's ex Chris Martin!

At 32, Jennifer Lawrence is at the apex of her career and in the prime of her person life. She's known for heading up box office hits like the Hunger Games franchise and starring in critical darlings like Mother! and American Hustle. Even more impressively, she nabbed a coveted Academy Award for her performance opposite Bradley Cooper in 2012's Silver Linings Playbook.

Since 2019, she's been married to art gallery director Cooke Maroney, and they've even welcomed their first child together. But before she secured the perfect home life, Jennifer dated a string of famous men and enjoyed high-profile romances with them.

Here's everything you need to know about Jennifer's husband Cooke and her past relationships.

Cooke Maroney

Jennifer and Cooke Maroney married in a lavish (but private) October 2019 ceremony in Rhode Island. 150 guests were in attendance at the Belcourt of Newport venue, including Kris Jenner, Emma Stone, and Cameron Diaz, among others. They hadn't been dating long when they made the big commitment -- they'd first sparked romance rumors in June of 2018, and were engaged by February of 2019.

The extremely private couple are rarely seen making public appearances, but in February of 2022, they welcomed their first child, son Cy. She spoke out in December of 2021 about the simple joys of her union with the gallerist. "I really enjoy going to the grocery store with him," she told Vanity Fair for a cover story. "I don't know why but it fills me with a lot of joy. I think maybe because it's almost a metaphor for marriage. 'Okay, we've got this list. These are the things we need. Let's work together and get this done.' And I always get one of the cooking magazines, like 15 Minute Healthy Meals, and he always gives me a look like, 'You're not going to use that. When are you going to make that?' And I say, 'Yes, I am. Tuesday!' And he's always right, and I never do."

Darren Aronofsky

Jennifer met director Darren Aronofsky when she starred in his controversial, brilliant film Mother! According to People, they began dating after the movie wrapped, in September of 2016. Their two-decade-plus age difference (Darren is now 54) was definitely a topic of conversation, and for the most part they kept the relationship out of the public eye. In fact, they only posed together once, during their film's New York City premiere.

They parted ways quietly just over a year after they started dating, in November of 2017.

Chris Martin

Prior to Darren, the Red Sparrow actress shared a rather mature relationship with Coldplay's Chris Martin, now 46. Though there was an age difference, at 14 years it wasn't quite as dramatic as the gap with Darren. But the relationship with Chris brought a blended dynamic -- he shares two children, Apple and Moses Martin, with his ex-wife Gwyneth Paltrow.

They first began dating in August of 2014, on the heels of his split with the other Oscar winning actress, but they parted ways just several months later that October. By December, it was back on, as the former couple were seen having dinner. They appeared together several more times, including a high-profile appearance at Harry Styles' massive 21st birthday party in L.A. in January of 2015, but ultimately it wasn't meant to be.

The rocker and the actress split for good in August of 2015. A source told People at the time that Jennifer was "tired" of Chris being "so noncommittal" about the relationship.

Nicholas Hoult

Jennifer and fellow actor Nicholas Hoult met on the set of X-Men: First Class back in 2010, and the young actors hit it off quickly. While the co-stars did part ways momentarily in 2013, they were soon back together again, and the relationship progressed into a lengthy five-year romance.

In a May 2014 interview, she opened up about why the relationship worked for them. "When we're busy, we agree to mutually ignore each other," she confessed to Marie Claire via CBS News. "Not completely, but neither of us gets mad when the other doesn't text back or call. Life's super-busy. Obviously you know what they're doing, and you trust them. We're so young that it would almost be like if we lived in the same city, what would happen? We'd be living together. At least this way he's in the same boat as I am: We can go out and have our own lives and know that we have each other."

They ultimately broke things off in August of 2014, but reunited to co-star in X-Men franchise movies Apocalypse in 2016 and Dark Phoenix in 2019.