Janice Dickinson Once 'Stole' Donald Trump's Limousine to Go on a Dinner Date With a Famous Star

Janice Dickinson Once 'Stole' Donald Trump's Limousine to Go on a Dinner Date With a Famous Star
Donald Trump
Apr 2023

Janice Dickinson is opening up about an experience she had while going on a dinner date.

The 68-year-old supermodel claimed she once unknowingly took former President Donald Trump's limousine to go on a dinner date with John F. Kennedy Jr. in an interview with Queerty.

"I once stole Trump's limousine without knowing it was his limousine," she said, adding that she was going to meet John F. Kennedy Jr. for dinner but couldn't get a taxi because of a snowstorm in New York.

"A Nor'easter they call it. There were no taxi cabs anywhere. I was sitting there in the cold for a couple hours trying to get a taxi and there were none available," she recalled.

She noticed a limo parked nearby and got in the driver's seat while her friend got in the back.

"I drove it a few blocks down the street, swerving, you know, making fishtails in the street and there was no one on the road. It was a real storm," she continued.

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As for the date? "Yes, he was divine. Yes, I did kiss him," she admitted.

She added that it wasn't until the next day that she discovered that the limo she stole belonged to Trump.

"In every newspaper in the United States: 'He was an honest thief,'" she said of the headlines at the time, adding that there were "millions of dollars worth of fur coats and fax machines and jewelry in the backseat which were left untouched."

"There were no fur coats or jewelry or mink coats in the back seat or I would have seen them," she clarified, adding, "[Newspapers] said they were stolen out of the limo but there was nothing there."

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