How to care for the body, face and hair according to Ayurveda

How to care for the body, face and hair according to Ayurveda
?> Ayurveda has also considered treating various types of wounds through Jathyadi Kera Tailam.

What does Ayurveda advise us about facial skin?
Ancient medical science pays special attention to the skin because it is considered a mirror of our health.
Ayurveda offers a variety of herbal blends that can improve the condition of the skin - they help restore the natural color and increase freshness.

Massages and face masks are used to treat skin problems - massages lead to cleansing of the skin surface and improvement of blood circulation in the respective area, and the masks have a rejuvenating and regenerating effect.
For example, the Ayurvedic products Kunkumadi Tailam and Nalpamaradi Kera Tailam are used for massage with oil, which improves the overall appearance of the skin.

How to keep our hair healthy and beautiful?
Ayurveda provides many products and procedures to improve the health and beauty of hair.
For example, herbs and nutritional supplements such as dip, amala and brigarage help to support natural growth.

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