How Below Deck's Alissa Humber Really Feels About Captain Sandy Yawn After Interior Crew Drama

How Below Deck's Alissa Humber Really Feels About Captain Sandy Yawn After Interior Crew Drama
Feb 2023

Below Deck's Alissa Humber gave her take on all the season 10 drama between Captain Sandy Yawn and the St. David's interior crew. Find out why she's now calling out Sandy's leadership.

For Below Deck's season 10 interior crew members, it's been anything but smooth sailing with Captain <strong>Sandy Yawn.

After Sandy came down on Chief Stew Fraser Olender and his team for what she perceived as slacking on the job on the Bravo series' Feb. 6 episode, Stew Alissa Humber is giving her take on all the drama going down aboard the St. David.

"Sandy with the interior crew was interesting--I never got a good feel for Sandy unfortunately," Alissa exclusively told E! News, adding that she "wanted to defend" Fraser when Sandy criticized his work. "It sucks to get critiques over and over and over with nothing positive really happening."

Alissa claims she felt inequity in Sandy's leadership following her explosive fight with fired Stew Camille Lamb earlier this season.

"When the Camille and me situation was going on, I felt like she really got down to Camille's level and talked with her, sat with her, ate with her, had comfortable conversations with her," she explained. "My only experience with Sandy is being called to the bridge immediately and given a talking to and it didn't feel like a comfortable thing like how it was with Camille. I know that they had multiple different conversations. When I tried to reach out to Sandy, I was actually shut down and my worries were dismissed."


Wishing she felt more warmth from the captain, Alissa noted that Sandy "never came to see if I was OK when Camille left and I was making claims about having my mental health drained, my emotional state was drained, just being overall down when I had been such a good worker for St. David."

Citing Sandy comforting Deckhand Ben Willoughby after his girlfriend Camille was let go, Alissa added, "I never felt any of that. It definitely led to some isolation and some hurt and ultimately I can admit I was a little bit of a mess, but we all go through our quarter life crisis. I'm not ashamed of mine."

She previously stated on the show that she believes Sandy favored the deck crew over interior, a claim she still stands by today.

"You don't say good job to one team when there's other separate departments. It's rude," she continued. "She's actually part of the deck team, she leads them, she gives them their plan. With the interior, she just sits down at the dinner table and says this isn't good enough."

See how all the drama plays out when Below Deck airs Mondays at 8 p.m. on Bravo.

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