Honeymoon Phase Over? 6 Ways Yoga Can Create a Deeper Level of Intimacy in Your Relationship

Honeymoon Phase Over? 6 Ways Yoga Can Create a Deeper Level of Intimacy in Your Relationship
May 2019

Intimacy is the state of having a close, personal or romantic relationship with someone. It's about fostering feelings of closeness, trust, and respect. Intimacy means knowing someone and being known on a deeply personal level.
Finding an intimacy level that is right for both you and your partner can be difficult, especially after the "honeymoon phase" of your relationship has ended and you are working to find a deeper connection to keep the relationship going.
The powerful practice of partner yoga can help to build intimacy in relationships for many different reasons. But even beyond just partner yoga, yoga in and of itself can significantly increase intimacy as well.

Here Are 6 Ways Yoga Can Create a Deeper Level of Intimacy In Your Relationship:
Seriously, is there anything that yoga doesn't do? Building intimacy in relationships is just another perk to add to the long list of yoga's benefits.
The following are six things that yoga does to help build a stronger bond between you and your partner:

1. Yoga Raises Self-Compassion
Humans are emotional beings. Our thoughts and feelings determine our decisions and that is why it's important that we are mindful of our emotions and how those emotions translate into thoughts and actions.
When we practice yoga, we reflect on ourselves, which helps us to improve self-compassion. In a relationship, self-compassion translates to the ability to identify the reasons for our experiences rather than being self-deprecating or blaming our partner.

2. Yoga Teaches Us What We Want
By practicing yoga, we develop a sense of self that helps us recognize what we need in our relationships. This helps us communicate with our partner what we need and what we want to give in the relationship and vice versa.
Relationships are a lot of work but knowing what we want and what our partner wants helps keep us on the right track.

Honeymoon Phase Over? 6 Ways Yoga Can Create a Deeper Level of Intimacy in Your Relationship

3. Yoga Establishes a Better Relationship With Yourself
Of the many relationships we have throughout our lives, the most important one is with ourselves.
When we are happy with ourselves, we are able to give more to our partner. Yoga helps us to build a better relationship with ourselves by taking care of us emotionally, mentally, and physically.
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4. Yoga Builds Empathy and Shows Us New Perspectives
When we practice yoga with our partner, we also build empathy and improve our ability to see new perspectives.
In a relationship, empathy and perspective-taking skills help us to understand what the other person is thinking and feeling by putting ourselves in their shoes and understanding how we would feel if we were in their place.

Honeymoon Phase Over? 6 Ways Yoga Can Create a Deeper Level of Intimacy in Your Relationship

5. Yoga Allows for Vulnerability
Our yoga mat should be a place where we drop our insecurities and judgements and allow ourselves to completely surrender to everything we are thinking and feeling. When we learn to let go on our mat, we give ourselves and our relationships the gift of vulnerability.
This vulnerability allows for us to communicate openly and freely with our partner, creating a free and intimate exchange of feelings and thoughts.

6. Yoga Helps You Let Go of the Past
Our past influences the person we are today, either negatively or positively. When we let our past control our present and future, we give it all the power to either help or destroy us and our relationships.
Practicing yoga helps us to let go of the past, bringing clarity and empowerment, so that we can focus on the bright future ahead of us.
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So, How Can You Use Yoga to Create a Deeper Level of Intimacy?

Practice Yoga on Your Own
When we practice yoga on our own, we create a deeper level of intimacy with ourselves. We look inward to find deeper meaning in our feelings, acknowledge our "negatives," and make space for new and better things - including relationships.

Practice Partner Yoga
Practicing partner yoga with your significant other helps to create more intimacy by building trust, communication, and patience.

Honeymoon Phase Over? 6 Ways Yoga Can Create a Deeper Level of Intimacy in Your Relationship

Partner yoga is a difficult practice. Being physically close to them in the practice, as well as having to effectively communicate which pose you want to practice and how to get into that pose together builds intimacy and trust on a higher level.
Practicing yoga together will also be fun - an important component of any healthy relationship!
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Use Yoga (And Partner Yoga!) to Nourish Intimacy in Your Relationship
Relationships need intimacy. Both intimacy within ourselves and with one another. By practicing yoga (and partner yoga), we allow ourselves to let our thoughts and feelings flow, acknowledge positive experiences, face challenges head on, and build trust.
Being intimate with your partner doesn't always mean physical intimacy. Physical intimacy is a just a small part of everything we need in our relationships with others. It's really only scratching the surface. When we really want to build a deeper connection with others, we need to create an open and safe space for one another.
Your relationship, like your yoga practice, should be a place where you and your partner can be open, free of judgement, and at complete peace with one another. Practice yoga to help build that safe space together.