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Home Remedies for Sunburn

Home Remedies for Sunburn
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Apr 2019

Home Remedies for Sunburn
If you are overexposed to the

sun, it is likely that you will develop the sunburns. Redness, rashes, patches, skin irritations are the consequences of sunburns. The epidermis becomes inflammatory due to the exposure to the ultraviolet rays of the sun. These burns are generally temporary. However, if not treated at home and with proper care, these burns can be permanent.
Useful Home Remedies
1. Cider Vinegar
Add a cup of cider vinegar your bath. This will help in skin healing and maintaining a balance of the pH level of the burned skin.
2. Aloe Vera Lotion
Apply lotions, which have aloe vera in them. These provide a moisturizing and soothing action to the skin. Also, the aloe products have an anesthetic agent, lidocaine. This helps to provide relief from the pain of the sunburn.
3. Cool Milk
Pour cool, but not cold, milk in a clean cloth to the burned skin, The milk creates a film of protein that eases the discomfort and the pain created by the sunburns. This is a superb home remedy for sunburns.
4. Cucumbers
These have natural analgesic and antioxidating characteristics. Chill the cucumbers, make a paste and apply to the affected parts of the sun burns. Cucumbers form an excellent home remedy for sunburns.
5. Freshly Brewed Tea
Put the freshly brewed cooled tea to the skin in a clean piece of cloth. The tannic acid present in the tea helps to take away the heat from the skin and restores the pH balance of the skin. This forms an effective remedy for treating the sunburns.
6. Oatmeal Bath
Soak the infected areas in the oatmeal bath. This provides relief from the itchiness and pain due to sunburns of the affected regions.
The best tip is not to get over exposed to the sun rays.
Prevention is better than cure.
Put cold compress or cold water for about 15 minutes on the sunburned areas.
Apply sun blocking lotion or sunscreen creams before getting exposed to the sun rays.
These are the home-made remedies to get rid of the sun burns. Apply them and get cured in a period of time.