Hallmark's 'The Way Home': Fans Debate The Identity of the White Witch & What Really Happened To Jacob (Spoilers)

Hallmark's 'The Way Home': Fans Debate The Identity of the White Witch & What Really Happened To Jacob (Spoilers)
Hallmark Channel
Mar 2023

There are just days to go until the season finale of Hallmark's The Way Home.

With the final episode coming up so quickly, fans have been sharing their theories about just who the person that jumped into the pond at the very beginning of the episode actually was, Jacob's true whereabouts and more.

Just Jared recently spoke to series star Sadie Laflamme-Snow, who plays Alice, and when we asked her about the identity of that first pond jumper, she remained mum on it.

"All I'll say is that the Landry family has had a connection to this pond for a long, long time. That's all I can say," she shared.

However, Sadie did have something huge to dish about Jacob.

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When we chatted with Sadie about Jacob and his disappearance, she revealed that as the cast was filming, they "only knew 2 episodes at a time so there really was a time where we didn't know either."

However, she added that "I think declaring Jacob dead is a bold move on Del's part."


Here's what some fans are saying about Jacob:

When Del said that the pond freezes in winter, I wonder if (dare I say it??) that's where Jacob is?? Yes, she knows. @hallmarkchannel please tell us if we'll get a hint as to what happened to Jacob. #TheWayHome

-- Elaine Hamilton (@FaLL3nAng3L79) March 20, 2023

I think they're not showing him so it can ge an aha moment in the finale. He's with Jacob maybe? #thewayhome

-- Catherine (@DazedCat) March 20, 2023

I've been watching this. It's been a great series so far. Next week is the season finale. I think Jacob is still alive, but living in a different time period because he fell into the pond. So glad the series got renewed. @TheWayHomeHC #TheWayHome @hallmarkchannel https://t.co/dC0G4FBzkb

-- JamieLF (@ClarinetJamie) March 20, 2023

like i'm sorry but he didn't just disappear when kat saw him go into the house .. he absolutely got curious and went for a swim and ended up time traveling #TheWayHome

-- katy? (@lilacvinyls) March 20, 2023

I think I know what happened to Jacob also. I think he fell into the pond and is stuck in another time and doesn't know how to get back. I've been saying that since the beginning. Who's with me on that? #TheWayHome @TheWayHomeHC @sadielsnow @chy_leigh @jeffersonb76...

-- K. L. Connie Wang ???? (@BeTheBuddha) March 20, 2023

what if when jacob went missing he ended up playing in the pond ended up time traveling like kat and alice and so he's still alive but we haven't met him or we have but he goes by a completely different name and he just hasn't returned ??? #TheWayHome

-- katy? (@lilacvinyls) March 20, 2023

#TheWayHome I'm pretty positive Jacob must have fallen into the pond but hasn't gotten back for some reason yet ... I just don't feel confident Del really knows anything about the pond and it's time travel abilities at all yet ... https://t.co/CPnu5rlE0s

-- DeAnna Lou Wells (@DeAnnaLouWells) March 21, 2023

Maybe Jacob did#TheWayHome https://t.co/6cjk9FPKkf

-- Chad Maurice (@ChadMaurice_) March 20, 2023

More fans are also talking about the White Witch Lore, which seems to be born from that opening scene.

If you recall, the series opened with a woman running through the woods in 1814 towards the pond, trying to outrun a group with fire sticks in their hands. She suddenly stops and whispers something towards the pond before jumping in.

Following Sadie's reluctance to say anything about the identity of the woman - and we don't blame her - fans have been sharing their theories.

Check them all out below:

Am i crazy for thinking the white witch is Del ? #TheWayHome

-- #sarah (@justbeingme2022) March 20, 2023

Will we learn about the person in the first episode in 1814 next week? Could it be Alice? "Curiouser and curiouser!" #thewayhome

-- Erin K. Moffat (@parodytastic1) March 20, 2023

I believe Del has tried to thrawt fate through the magical pond sometime after Kat took off for college this is why she knows the pond freezes and she keeps saying leave the past in the past She's lived through the time loop of pain #TheWayHome @hallmarkchannel

-- Arlene L Isenberg (@IsenbergArlene) March 20, 2023

I think Del is the white witch from the beginning! ? how's that for a twist?! #TheWayHome @hallmarkchannel

-- Ramona Cousins (@RamonaCousins3) March 20, 2023

#TheWayHome I feel that our Alice IS the girl running into the pond ... I feel Alice is "going back to the past" ...Like she said tonight ...But she is going back to 1814 ... NOT to 1999 ... Or 2000.. And SHE is the young woman running from those people and jumping into the pond https://t.co/MyTLqum8gb

-- DeAnna Lou Wells (@DeAnnaLouWells) March 20, 2023

#TheWayHome I feel it HAS to be Alice .. I'm convinced of it now .... I really believe that's Alice running back into the pond in the first episode... 1814 to present time once more?... I just have no idea for sure but I feel that's the likeliest possibility... https://t.co/q8Hnejlrjp

-- DeAnna Lou Wells (@DeAnnaLouWells) March 20, 2023

Alice wishes to go back to the start.

Does the pond decide that means 1814 is on the cards for Alice, as I think? Because that's the start of the Landry's on the land. #TheWayHome pic.twitter.com/CBuxcG9Jn9

-- Buddha aka Me ????? cis #TransIsBeautiful (@Buddha_aka_me) March 20, 2023



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