Halle Berry Laughs Off Tumble At Charity Event: ‘Sometimes You Bust Your A–’

Halle Berry Laughs Off Tumble At Charity Event: ‘Sometimes You Bust Your A–’
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Feb 2023


Halle Berry, 56, shared an embarrassing moment that happened to her during a charity event with her Instagram followers on Saturday. The actress accidentally fell while walking up steps that led to a stage, where she made a speech to promote Looking Beyond LA, an organization that raises funds for children with special needs, on Friday. She posted the video of the memorable moment, which also showed her laughing it off after being helped up by two women on the stage.

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The beauty wore a black suit that included silver studs and matching black heels. She also had her blonde streaked hair short and accessorized with dangling earrings. She shared more details about the video in the caption.

"Sometime you bust your a**! What happened was....My dear friend @shillahekmatpiano invited me to speak at her charity event celebrating a wonderful organization called @lookingbeyondla that raises money for children with special needs... then that happened!!! I face planted?If you can go to lookingbeyondla.com and donate. Children are worth it ! ??," she wrote.

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Once Halle posted">posted the video of the fall, her fans took to the comments section to show their support and laugh along with her. "The fact you posted this goes to show we all have these days??????????????," one fan wrote while another wrote, "Oh $@&% Glad you ok and can laugh at it yourself??." A third shared, "Honey...the floor got blessed that day!!????" and fourth posted, "?? ??? Got back up still looking amazing."

Halle added a photo of her confidently posing in the same outfit, in a separate post. "Friday Serve," she captioned it. She also shared a video of her sitting in the same outfit while on her phone in a gorgeous area of her house. "Work from home?, she captioned it.

Halle's latest mishap and pretty look comes a few months after she made headlines for showing off her natural curly hair. She shared an eye-catching photo of herself drinking straight from a coconut while enjoying a summer vacation and her blonde curly streaks were on full display. "curls and coconuts," she appropriately captioned the gem.

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