Disha Patani fans defend the actress after she faces unnecessary hate for socializing with Jackson Wang [Read Tweets]

Disha Patani fans defend the actress after she faces unnecessary hate for socializing with Jackson Wang [Read Tweets]
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Feb 2023

One of Asia's top singers and GOT7 member Jackson Wang was in Mumbai for Lollapalooza 2023. He has made many new fans in the country. People who saw him performing felt he was the undisputed king of the stage. Jackson Wang performed songs like Blow, 100 Days, Dopamine and others. He took the day off on Monday. Hrithik Roshan's dad Rakesh Roshan hosted him at their residence. His mom, Pinky shared a number of pics with Jackson Wang. Disha Patani also met him and spent time with him. She is known to be a huge fan of K-Pop. Also Read - Jackson Wang at Lollapalooza 2023: 7 pics of the GOT7 star will make you eager for his comeback on Indian soil
A video has gone viral where both of them can be seen enjoying a buggy ride. Jackson Wang and Disha Patani are almost child-like in their joy as they take a tour of the area around Gateway Of India. Jackson was stayed at the Taj, Colaba. Disha Patani also met him at the post party held at St. Regis. Some K-Pop fans trolled Disha Patani for being a clout-chaser. This has not gone down well with her fans. They said that she is a big celebrity in her own right. Also, Jackson Wang looked very happy in her company. Take a look at the tweets in support of the actress... Also Read - Jackson Wang delivers a memorable performance at Lollapalooza India; reveals he wishes to revisit soon with more concerts [Watch Videos]

Disha Patani has 7.8 million followers on twt and more on other social media. She's a successful model and influencer in her own right. Just saying before anyone starts throwing around words just because she hung out with a famous kpop idol.
-- Ida (@skychildreninc) February 1, 2023
nah but disha patani is doing good by showing jackson mumbai like haters need to leave her idc idc
-- issiri ? jeje day (@its0304_) January 31, 2023
what, how & when did this happen!?pic.twitter.com/sZ4Oiswrtf
-- lyn7 (@mintkenma) January 31, 2023
Lol PPL are so jealous of disha patani that she was with their fav k-pop
So they started talking bad abt disha patani
-- Peaceful Yoga (@Live_love2023) January 31, 2023
-- terry????? (@appyk10) January 31, 2023
There is a lot of excitement for Disha Patani and Suriya's movie. Now, Jackson Wang and Disha Patani are following each other on social media. In fact, fans said both of them are looking great together and called the Jodi 'Shaandaar'. It is so heart-warming to see such friendships between Indian celebs and K-Pop stars! Also Read - Jackson Wang takes hand-written letters from fans at Mumbai airport; says, 'Finally I am here' [Read Tweet]