Diet and Home Remedies for GOITER

Diet and Home Remedies for GOITER
Jan 2021

The person suffering from goiter should take more of the following items: old rice, barley, garlic, moong dal, drumstick, cucumber, and sugarcane juice, milk and milk products.
Oats, marine foods, carrots, tomatoes, lettuce, garlic, whole rice, onion, guava, egg (yolk) citrus fruits because they are all rich in iron.
Pineapple or pineapple juice.
Bananas, because they catalyze the thyroid.
Avoid them
Flour goods, white sugar, meat items, fried or smooth foods, preserves, fragrant spices, tea, coffee and alcohol.
Cabbage, bananas, cauliflower, broccoli, mustard greens contain goiter-producing ingredients, and can produce goiter.
Yoga and exercise
Exercise a small amount of neck stretching or loose or similar exercises, these are good for thyroid gland health.
A person suffering from goiter should participate in moderate level aerobic activity such as walking or running for 30 minutes daily.
Yoga There are some postures of yoga that improve your thyroid gland as well as control your metabolism. The beneficial yogasans in thyroid disease are:
Home remedies
Keep the ice bag in the throat and heart area for 20 to 30 minutes.
In the first two months of therapy, the patient should take plenty of rest and stay in bed once a week.
Apply the paste made from flaxseed seeds on the inflated area and wash after half an hour.
Eat liquorice. Triterpenoid glycerythenic acid, a major component found in liquorice, inhibits the growth of Thyroid Cancer Cells.
Ashwagandha Churna
At night, take one spoon of Ashwagandha powder with lukewarm milk of cow. Its leaves or root can also be boiled in water and drink. Ashwagandha removes imbalance of hormones.
Add half a teaspoon of aloe vera juice to two teaspoons of basil juice and drink. This cures thyroid disease.
Grind green coriander and dissolve it in a glass of water. This will give relief from thyroid disease.
Drink one teaspoon of Triphala powder daily. It is very beneficial.
Turmeric and Milk
By drinking turmeric in milk daily, thyroid treatment is also done (thyroid ka gharelu ilaj).
Drinking gourd juice on an empty stomach works best in thyroid disease. It calms the disease.
Black Pepper
Regularly consume small amounts of black pepper in food.
Shrigu Patra, Kanchnar and Punarnva decoction helps in Treatment of Thyroid, useful in treating thyroid.
According to Ayurvedic experts, Kanchanar, Shigru Patra and Punarnava have anti-inflammatory properties in all these herbs which relaxes the inflammation of the thyroid. So if you are suffering from thyroid, you can use Kanchanar, Shigru Patra and Punarnava decoction.
Flaxseed Powder
The use of flaxseed powder provides relief in the problem of thyroid because sufficient amount of omega-3 is found in flaxseed. Omega-3 helps in controlling the function of thyroid. Therefore, thyroid patients should regularly use flaxseed powder.
Coconut oil
The use of coconut oil helps maintain thyroid function. Therefore, thyroid patients should use coconut oil as a cooking oil.
Your diet in thyroid disease during thyroid
During thyroid problems, your food should be like this:
In thyroid disease, eat a low fat diet.
Include more and more fruits and vegetables in the food.
Eat especially green leafy vegetables. They contain a significant amount of iron, which is beneficial for thyroid patients.
Eat foods rich in nutrients. Taking food containing minerals and vitamins helps to control thyroid.
Eat a diet containing iodine.
Consume more nuts like almonds, cashew nuts and sunflower seeds. They contain sufficient amount of copper, which is beneficial in thyroid.
Milk and yogurt should be consumed under thyroid home remedies.
For home treatment of thyroid, you should consume more vitamin-A. For this you can eat carrots.
Eat whole grains. It is rich in fiber, protein and vitamins.
Elements present in liquorice make the thyroid gland balanced. It also prevents the cancer from growing in the thyroid.
Eat wheat and jowar.
Your Lifestyle for Thyroid Disease
All these changes should be made in the lifestyle during thyroid: -
Try to live a stress free life.
Do yoga.
Avoid These in Thyroid
Do not eat junk food and preservative foods.
Avoid smoking, alcohol etc.
Yoga for Thyroid Disease
You can also do yoga to treat thyroid, it provides benefits: -
Do pranayama and meditation regularly.
Greet the sun
Do Pawanmuktasana.
Perform congregation.
Do the rest.
Do the halasan.
Do Bhujangasana.