Delish DIY Cocktail Recipes To Relish This Summer

Delish DIY Cocktail Recipes To Relish This Summer

Warmer and sunnier summer days call for fruit punched tropical cocktails that all the folks can enjoy by the pool. Imagine a whole bunch of seasonal fruits like peaches, melons, berries and more being mixed with your favourite booze into the most magical aperitifs for the season. These drinks are sure to take you through summer with the happiest of spirits and joy!The tipsy world of tipples has something for everyone out there, ranging from frozen margaritas to icy mojitos and much more. If there is occasion then there surely is an ambrosial cocktail for it that serves for every mood, party or holiday! Celebrate the season of sunshine and sands with these cocktails and make merry.We bring you the right bunch of summer appropriate cocktails that are sure to add cheer to the upcoming season!

Aperol Spritz[photo1]

The Aperol Sp

ritz is all things citrusy, bubbly with the right hints of bitterness and zest. This one is sure to win you over as it is the most refreshing drink of all time!


Sparkling wine such as Prosecco or ChampagneAperolSoda water

How To Mix:[photo2]

Add three parts of Prosecco or Champagne to a jug.Now add two parts of Aperol to it.To this add one part soda water, mind you it shouldn't be tonic water.Throw in some slices of fresh orange and squeeze in a few of them to add a citrusy vibe to the drink.Make sure the Aperol and Proseco are chilled.Now add plenty of ice and sip away using a straw.Don't Miss: Shake And Stir Some Cocktails For A Get Together Using Easy Recipes

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Classic Margarita[photo3]

You can never go wrong with a classic margarita for the summer time. It is the absolute best cocktail recipe for the season. Simply serve it on the rocks and sip away!


One part tequilaHalf a part triple sec liqueurHalf a part lime juiceSalt to tasteA wedge of lime

How To Mix:[photo4]

Firstly, rim the glass with salt as is tradition with all margaritas.Add one part of tequila to a mixing bowl.Then add half a part of triple sec liquor to it.Squeeze in half a lime into the mix.Sprinkle some salt to taste.Shake the ingredients in a cocktail shaker.Finally add strain into a glass and add ice.Don't Miss: 8 Cocktail Glasses That You Need For Your Next Party

Red Wine Sangria[photo5]

There is not a lot better on Earth than the perfect glass of fruity and punchy red wine sangria. Try this drink and spend perfect downtime during the summers.


OrangeAppleSugarOrange juiceBrandyRed wineSparkling water

How To Mix:[photo6]

Mix all the fruits with sugar and let it stand at room temperature.This helps the fruit flavours sink into the wine just right.Now add the red wine, brandy and orange juice to the mix.Next, throw in some lemon slices.Refrigerate the mix for one to four hours to help the flavours blend together.Serve in a wine glass filled with ice.