Jungle Soul Mama

I met Blakely Stein 'jungle soul mama' in Costa Rica many moons ago, and have been fortunate to be a witness to her growth and transformation over the years. From seeing her host community food events...

Dec 2021

Anger, Compassion and Pitta Dosha

Anger provokes Pitta Dosha.
Pitta dosha gets vitiated in the digestive system causing gastric distress. It overflows into circulation creating waves of heat in the body. It relocates and settl...

Aug 2020

Divine Sisterhood

Now, more than ever, we are being called to stand up, speak our truths and live with compassion, authenticity and fearless hearts. Many of us are feeling a call to live more sustainably and protect th...

Jan 2017

Bhakti Fest Seva

The celebration is held at the Joshua Tree Retreat Center, a place with magical energy, big skies, and naturally beautiful views. Bhakti Fest also comes together once a year in the Midwest.
The wor...

May 2015