Ariana Madix Admits She ‘Hates’ Tom Sandoval More Than Raquel Leviss But ‘It’s Neck-And-Neck’

Ariana Madix Admits She ‘Hates’ Tom Sandoval More Than Raquel Leviss But ‘It’s Neck-And-Neck’
Celebrity News
May 2023

Ariana Madix opened up about her feelings following the affair between her ex Tom Sandoval and former friend Raquel Leviss during an appearance on The View on Thursday, May 18. Co-host Joy Behar asked which one she "hated" more following the scandal, and the Vanderpump Rules star, 37, admitted that it was difficult to choose, but she does have slightly stronger feelings about her ex Tom, 39, in light of the scandal.

Before asking Ariana about her feelings about Raquel, 28, and Tom, Joy gave a quick recap of all the drama going on between the three. "Tom cheated with one of your best friends, the dreaded Raquel," she said. "This affair started last August and for seven months Raquel--Rachel--continued to hang out with you, go on trips together with you, and lie to your face. So, who do you hate more? Him or her?"

Ariana admitted that it was difficult to decide, but ultimately, she felt a little more strongly about Tom. "It's pretty neck and neck, but I would say him," she said. Although the ladies of The View joked that she should have Raquel reimburse her for some of the trips they took together. "I should send a Venmo request," Ariana quipped.

Ahead of the VPR Season 10 reunion, which will air on May 24, Ariana did say that she's come far, but recounting the scandal did lead to her experiencing some old feelings. "I think it's a slow process to get there, but I think I'm just one day at a time, moment-by-moment, getting more and more to that place, and watching the episode last night, it really brings you back to that anger, that gut feeling, that anxiety that I felt," she said.

Earlier in the interview, Ariana also explained why it had taken her so long to learn about Raquel and Tom's affair. She revealed that she thought that Tom was going through a "mid-life crisis," and she said that he had been forthcoming in giving her his phone whenever she asked. "For me, it was something that I saw that I wanted to be there for him during and going through that, thinking on the other side of that is a wonderful life together if we can make it through this hard time," she said.