Anupamaa: Anuj breaks ties with Anupamaa and leaves Kapadia house; Devika compares him to Vanraj, ‘Tum dono ek jaise ho’

Anupamaa: Anuj breaks ties with Anupamaa and leaves Kapadia house; Devika compares him to Vanraj, ‘Tum dono ek jaise ho’
Mar 2023

Anupamaa spoiler alert: Anuj (Gaurav Khanna) has been upset and angry at Anupamaa (Rupali Ganguly) but she has been trying to talk to him and sort things out. But how does one talk to someone who is not ready to listen or understand? Anuj's anger has made him unreasonable and he was very aggressive when he spoke to Anupamaa. He breaks all relations with her. What added fuel to the fire is when he saw Anupamaa enjoying Holi without him and Choti. Anupamaa tried to make things right but Anuj said his heart is in Choti but now she is gone. He also told Anupamaa that she should also leave, as he doesn't want anyone in his life. He clearly said that he never hated Anupamaa, but now he is not in love with her anymore. Devika, Dheeraj, Ankush, Barkha are all left shocked to hear this and try to make him understand that it was not her fault. Devika compares Anuj to Vanraj and says, "Tum dono ek jaise ho, sari galti Anupamaa par daal di."

Anuj to leave Kapadia house and Anupamaa

In the upcoming episode, we can see Anuj packing his belongings and preparing to leave the Kapadia house. Anupamaa (Rupali Ganguly) attempts to stop him. But this time he may not stop. He will leave Anupamaa, but will this be temporary or forever, remains to be seen. The viewers have been hooked to MaAn and this new twist in their love story is truly something that is worth waiting for. Anuj's (Gaurav Khanna) character was once the most loved and he was always compared to Vanraj, where he always won brownie points for being a gentleman. But now, in his new angry and unreasonable roop, fans of the top TV show Anupamaa are forced to believe, "All men are the same. They do not understand anything and always put all the blame on the wife."

How will Anuj learn of Anupamaa's innocence?

Anuj may leave and meet Choti in a later episode, or she may realise that Anupamaa has no fault in this because she is the only one who knows everything about Maya. Let us see which turn the story and life of Anupamaa take further. Let's hope we do not get to see another Vanraj in this show. Will Choti Anu reunite Anuj and Anupamaa? Will Anuj realise his mistake? Let's wait and watch.