Anuel AA appears to respond to Karol G’s ‘TQG’

Anuel AA appears to respond to Karol G’s ‘TQG’
Mar 2023

"TQG" has been one of Karol G's most talked about songs, not only because it features Shakira, but because it sheds a light on her break up with Anuel AA. The song's lyrics are directed at an ex, who despite dating someone else, appears to still like Karol G's photos on Instagram.
On a recent Instagram post, Anuel appears to respond to the song.
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In a series of photos shared on Instagram, Anuel is seen working out in the gym and smiling. "Friendly debate: What is the reason that Anuel AA is so unforgettable?" he wrote in the caption, providing four different options: "my face," "my tongue," "the incredible sex," or "all of the above."
"This face has made me the most unforgettable man on the face of the Earth," he wrote, tacking on the hashtag "Heartbreaker," which appears to be the name of his U.S. Tour.
The post was soon flooded by comments, by people who pointed out the similarities between his post and Karol G's lyrics. Others were quick to disagree with his statements, with some even quoting Karol G's lyrics back to him.
Anuel and Karol G announced their break up in 2021, after dating for a couple of years and sharing the news that they were engaged. Following their split, Anuel began dating Yailin, a Dominican rapper. The two married this past June and shared the news that they were expecting a baby
While there have been rumors of Anuel and Karol G getting back together, the release of her new music should put them to rest, decisively confirming that they remain apart and that she's better off on her own.