Abdominal Belt For New Moms: What Is It, Benefits, Guide To Use

Abdominal Belt For New Moms: What Is It, Benefits, Guide To Use
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Mar 2023

Motherhood brings along a lot of health conditions for the new mother along with joy. Some common conditions are weight gain, mommy pouch, pain at C-section incision site among others. However, like many others, this one too has a cure - abdominal belts.

Also known as a belly band, the abdominal belt is recommended to mothers post delivery for additional support to the lower back and abdomen. For the unversed, every new mother suffers from discomfort after delivery irrespective of it being a normal or caesarean delivery. However, since they have to get active soon after childbirth, it is important they have good support around the abdomen, which helps them in movement throughout the day and also eases out pain.

We spoke to Dr. Hirday Kapoor Senior Obstetrician & Gynaecologist at Cloudnine Group of Hospitals, Punjabi Bagh New Delhi about abdominal belts and asked her to also share some tips for new moms on how they can make the best use of them.

Benefits Of Using An Abdominal Belt

Dr. Kapoor said, "Once the delivery is done, the best thing new mothers can use is an abdominal belt. They give support to the muscles and the organs especially after a caesarean delivery. For women who had a C-section delivery, it is quite beneficial as it helps relieve pain, heals incisions faster and helps women feel lighter."

Among your list of post-delivery essentials, new mothers should add an abdominal belt too.

Abdominal Belts Helps With Posture

Abdominal Belt For New Moms: What Is It, Benefits, Guide To Use

Post delivery, you will have to feed your baby frequently and for the same, your health expert will recommend you to maintain your body posture. However, it can be difficult for some women. Wearing an abdominal belt will help you with your posture and also prevent back ache which is common due to breastfeeding.

Abdominal Belts Make Your Incision Heal Faster

After a C-section delivery, a lot of women complain of pain at the incision site. Wearing a belly belt can help.

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Abdominal Belts Helps You With Movement

You might find it challenging to get moving after childbirth. A lot of women feel weakness around the abdomen area and many others complain of back ache. When you wear an abdominal belt, you get that comfort of moving around. It supports your back and abdomen well and helps you get moving.

When Should A Woman Wear An Abdominal Belt?

Abdominal Belt For New Moms: What Is It, Benefits, Guide To Use

Our expert shared that these belts can be worn immediately after delivery and can be worn six weeks after vaginal delivery and up to three months post a caesarean delivery.

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The Right Way To Wear An Abdominal Belt

Abdominal Belt For New Moms: What Is It, Benefits, Guide To Use

These belts can be worn throughout the day but should be removed before sleeping. Our expert recommended removing it before having meals. Dr. Kapoor further shared that wearing the abdominal belt for too long or wearing one which puts a lot of pressure on the stomach can lead to itchiness and redness. It can sometimes also lead to weakness of the back muscles.