Aamir Khan completes 35 years: From 3 Idiots to Dangal – how the superstar has inspired social change through cinema

Aamir Khan completes 35 years: From 3 Idiots to Dangal – how the superstar has inspired social change through cinema
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May 2023

Aamir Khan has always had a reputation for bringing audiences quality content through the course of his prolific career spanning over three decades. As we celebrate 35 years of the genius (in Indian cinema), we feel his name itself is synonymous with cinematic excellence, daringly different films and brilliant acting finesse. Considering his glorious and remarkable film career, it's a universal fact that Aamir is the proponent of cinema for social change, someone who is known to take on hard-hitting projects and challenging subjects that he believes challenge the issues of modern society, shining examples being Dangal, PK and 3 Idiots.

While Aamir Khan's movies boast of great entertainment value over the years, the thinking actor strongly believes that this 'entertainment' can also be used righteously and can be a great contribution in nation-building and creating a healthy progressive society.

All izz well - 3 Idiots

3 Idiots taught us to 'achieve excellence and not run behind the success' and say 'all is well' irrespective of difficult situation that one is in.

Gold to Gold hota hai...chhora laave ya chhori - Dangal

Dangal proved to be a pro-feminist narrative about how women from even the most constrictive sections of the Indian society are fighting the stigma of patriarchy.

Kapda hai bahut zyada par kameez bahut tang hai ...badal hai bahut zyada par baraste kitne kam hai - Peepli Live

Not to forget, Khan's most under-rated project till date - 'Peepli Live' - a satire featuring hard-hitting narrative and rib-tickling humour, showcasing the alarmingly increasing farmer suicides in India.

Jaise deewar pe bhagwan ka photo lagate hai na, taaki kauno moote nahi ... hum iyaan lagata hoon, taaki kauno peete nahi - PK

Rajkumar Hirani's PK explored one of the most unchallenged practices in our society - religious superstition. Khan's character PK, an alien lost in the world of humans, brings to light the absurdities of practices that are accepted without question. From erecting a Shiva linga out of ordinary stones to prove that students would pray to it on their way to class, to speaking out against the unquestioned authority of so called pandits and yogis, and the 'horoscopes' they give, PK humorously examines the serious issue of man-made superstition and blind faith that plagues Indian society.

He is undeniably a perfect combination of looks, mind power and talent, which have earned him the sobriquet of 'the perfectionist'. Yet he's all that and much more. Surely, an actor by profession and a humanist by choice!