‘The Night Agent’ Ending Explained: Everything You Need To Know

‘The Night Agent’ Ending Explained: Everything You Need To Know
Mar 2023

The Night Agent season 1 finale begins after Peter (Gabriel Basso) confronts Diane Farr (Hong Chau) about everything, including the plan to kill Omar Zadar and the President of the United States. Diane has helped set in motion a lot of bad things, including the Metro bombing and the murders of Rose's aunt and uncle, but she would never try to assassinate POTUS. President Travers is her longtime friend. Time is of the essence, so Peter demands that Diane get him and Rose (Luciane Buchanan) into Camp David undetected.

How Did The Night Agent End?

On the way to Camp David, Diane tells Peter that she was only involved in the coverup of the Metro bombing. She claims that if President Travers hadn't ordered a Night Action, then none of this would have happened. She explains the reasoning behind the deaths of Rose's aunt and uncle. After learning Rose's aunt and uncle met with Zadar, Diane had to assume they told him that he was the real target. Their investigation had to be shut down, and that's why Rose's aunt and uncle were killed.

Peter realizes why Diane chose him for Night Action. She could use him as a fall guy if need be, and that's exactly what happened. She put his head on a spike after accusing him publicly of kidnapping Maddie Redfield (Sarah Desjardins), the VP's daughter.

Speaking of Maddie, she arrives at Camp David with Chelsea (Fola Evans-Akingbola). Her father says President Travers wants to see her alone. Chelsea urges Maddie to tell President Travers that she's in danger as soon as he can. At Laurel Lodge, Maddie and Chelsea get separated. VP Redfield doesn't take Maddie to see President Travers. He takes her straight to a bunker.

VP Redfield attempts to explain why Zadar is being killed (and the president, but he leaves that out). He admits that he was awful to Maddie after Sarah's drowning. "It was never your fault. It was all mine, Maddie," he says. He apologizes to her but doesn't want her to ask any more questions. He wants a "new beginning."

After getting inside Camp David, Diane runs to Ben Almora, the head of the Secret Service, to warn him that there's a bomb on the property. Before Almora can do anything, one of VP Redfield and Gordon Wick's double agents shoots Diane and kills Almora.

Chelsea Saves Maddie

President Travers makes it onto the Camp David property, and the assassination plot is officially a go. Chelsea takes down one of the agents who is trying to keep her from helping Maddie and putting a stop to the bombing. Chelsea is able to find the bomb stashed amongst photography equipment. She warns everyone at Laurel Lodge to get out now. Meanwhile, Maddie demands to be let out of the bunker below.

"I won't keep this secret. I'll tell everyone everything, and I'll f***ing tear you down," Maddie tells her father. He lets her go thinking that she won't survive. A truly horrible father.

Rose manages to get the comms back up. One agent is able to divert President Travers away from Laurel Lodge before the explosion. Peter fights one of the double agents in the woods and demands he calls off whatever's happening next. Chelsea overhears Maddie screaming for help as the clock dwindles down on the bomb. They're able to escape just as the bomb explodes.

Peter Holds The President Hostage

President Travers is being taken to Marine One, and Peter realizes that's part of the plan. Just before she steps onto the plane, Peter grabs the president and holds her hostage so she's unable to board. He shoots one of the double agents and screams that the plane is rigged to explode on liftoff. He pleads with them to kill the engines and tells President Travers that the agent he killed was involved and the VP is involved.

"They're trying to kill the president!" Peter screams. Something inside President Travers feels that Peter is telling the truth, so she orders her men to check the plane for an IED. It's initially clear. Upon a second screening, the bomb is found. With barely any notice, the bomb detonates and Marine One goes up in flames. Peter, Rose, and President Travers are all okay. Peter is arrested but President Travers knows that he just saved her life. Chelsea and Maddie show up and say they can explain everything.

After the assassination attempt is foiled, Chelsea goes to confront VP Redfield. He acts like he's surprised by everything that just happened. When he sees his daughter alive and well, he knows that he's toast.

Rose goes back to speak with Diane privately. Diane apologizes to Rose for what happened to her aunt and uncle. "I can't wait to see you dead," Rose says. Even though she hates Diane, Rose helps stop the bleeding from Diane's gunshot wound. She tells Diane that she'll be in the front row at her trial watching her clear Peter's name.

Peter Learns The Truth About His Father

In the wake of the Camp David fiasco, Peter and Rose sit down with President Travers. They both want to stay anonymous after saving the day. Gordon Wick is still out there, but President Travers promises Peter and Rose that they'll find him. She wants to know what she can do to repay them.

Peter wants to know the truth about his father. Peter has long assumed that his father was not a traitor and has carried the weight of his father's legacy on his shoulders. President Travers shows Peter a video of his father confessing to working with foreign agents on the Pentagon breach and more. His father was guilty all along.

President Travers tells Peter that his father was cooperating on tape because he agreed to be a double agent. His father was being prepped for deployment before he was killed by a foreign assassin to stop him from helping us. His death wasn't due to a car accident or suicide. The assassin was later killed, but the world will never know what truly happened to his father.

President Travers believes that Peter should be on the other end of the Night Action phone. She tells him that Night Agent "runs deeper than you realize and reaches farther than you can imagine." She asks him to be a night agent on the spot.

Meanwhile, Chelsea is offered a spot on the president's security detail after helping to save everyone at Camp David. This is all Chelsea has ever wanted, and she happily accepts the opportunity. Maddie is going to take some time for herself after testifying against her father.

Peter and Rose share a sweet goodbye before he heads out on his first assignment. "I don't know when it'll be, but I promise you I'm going to call you, okay? And when I do, you better pick up," he says to Rose. Peter steps onto the plane and gets information about his first assignment in a top-secret Night Action mission brief. Bring on a season 2, Netflix!