‘The Bachelor’: Kat Calls Brooklyn ‘Aggressive’ & Says She Feels ‘Attacked’ By Her As They Fight

‘The Bachelor’: Kat Calls Brooklyn ‘Aggressive’ & Says She Feels ‘Attacked’ By Her As They Fight
Feb 2023

This week's episode of The Bachelor began with Zach Shallcross arriving to pick Charity Lawson up for her one-on-one date. Before they left, though, Kat Izzo pulled Zach aside to have a quick moment with him. Kat was missing Zach due to him having COVID during last week's episode and not being able to see the women in person. However, her timing rubbed Charity and some of the other women the wrong way. Brooklyn Willie was particularly frustrated with Kat, and she let her know it.

"It was just kind of her moment," Brooklyn told Kat, referring to Charity. "I'm sorry, but I feel like that was kind of not the time for that. It's fair to miss him, but he came here for her." Kat shut Brooklyn down and said that if Charity was upset with her, she could let her know herself. "She'll tel you how she feels," Brooklyn agreed, but added, "I'll tell you how I feel and it's classless. I don't understand why it has to be so aggressive. You're saying offensive words and it's not fair to me at all."

In a confessional, she added, "I feel very attacked. Who's to say who's allowed to do what and when they're allowed to do it? Why can't I have my moment?" Meanwhile, Brooklyn stood by her thoughts. "I would want [time with him, too], but I just want to not be selfish and take it away from someone else. That's my opinion. That's how I feel and if you don't feel that way you don't have to."

As the week continued, Brooklyn was "still baffled" by what happened. "That was selfish," she said in her confessional. "That was classless. That was disrespectful and I told her all of that. What set me off the most was that she kept trying to play the victim by saying that I was mean and using harsh words. You want some harsh words? Give me a second! I'm keeping that s*** back. You just wait."

Ariel Frenkel attempted to calmly explain to Kat why what she did rubbed people the wrong way. She also pointed out that nobody interrupted Kat's time on her one-on-one date in the Bahamas. "It's not about one-on-one dates!" Kat insisted. "That's what I keep trying to say. The situation and rules left when he got COVID. Everything has shifted. If this was not the position [we were in] with COVID, that was probably not something I would do."

The drama came up again before the group date, where Kat called Brooklyn "aggressive" for bringing the situation up again. "You literally kissed the man before [Charity] went on her one on one!" Brooklyn fired back. "That's tacky." Kat said that she wasn't upset that Brooklyn had an opinion about the whole thing, but she was pissed that Brooklyn was "intentionally" hurting her feelings with how she expressed her feelings about it.

At the cocktail party, Charity pulled Kat aside to talk about what happened. Brooklyn then took it upon herself to approach the pair and insert herself into the conversation. Kat was not having it. "I don't have time for this s***," she said. "I'm sorry, Charity, we can talk about this another time. I can't deal with this tonight." In her confessional, she continued, "The aggression has continued. Now she's just being aggressive for no reason. You're being aggressive and mean. I've been nothing but pleasant to everyone throughout this, so to be treated that way is like...no. I'm not going to apologize for that."

When Kat got her one-on-one time with Zach at the cocktail party, he admitted that he felt there was a bit of a "disconnect" between him and Kat on the group date. "I wasn't feeling that way," Kat told him. "I haven't been on a group date since we were at the mansion, so I think navigating being in a group setting with the other women and and going that time without seeing you may have made the aura a little weird. I'm still trying to go about this as best as I can. I value every moment I have with you and I take every time and minute seriously."

Knowing how everything had played out, Kat was a bit worried going into the rose ceremony. However, Zach wound up giving her a rose, and Aly Jacobs was the woman eliminated (Jess Girod left earlier in the episode after a fight with Zach on the group date). Meanwhile, Greer Blitzer was in quarantine after testing positive for COVID and did not attend the date or rose ceremony.