8 Effective Skincare Essentials By Celeb Dermatologist For Flawless Skin

8 Effective Skincare Essentials By Celeb Dermatologist For Flawless Skin
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Mar 2023

I have met a couple of Bollywood celebrities in person in the past and can say that their skin looks spotless even when they are off-duty. Just like many of you I have always wondered what's the secret behind their spotless skin. Though they spend hours shooting in harsh lights with heavy makeup, their skin has a beautiful natural glow.

I recently spoke to a celebrity dermatologist, Dr. Jaishree Sharad, Internationally renowned cosmetic dermatologist, Author, TEDx speaker and Founder of Skinfinitii Aesthetic Skin and Laser Clinic in Mumbai, and asked her to share some skincare basics followed by our favourite celebrities.

Our expert shared that there are some skincare essentials that most of us ignore but shouldn't on order to get flawless skin like celebs.

Skincare Essentials We Ignore But Shouldn't

1. Not Removing Makeup Before Going To Sleep

8 Effective Skincare Essentials By Celeb Dermatologist For Flawless Skin

Sometimes we are so tired that we sleep with makeup on and this can lead to clogged pores, acne, bacterial infection such as folliculitis milia etc. Make sure you remove every bit of makeup from your face and then go to bed.

2. Not Wearing A Sunscreen When Indoors

We often forget that we are still exposed to visible light and blue light when indoors and they can have an equally detrimental effect on the skin as UVA and UV rays. So, it is important to apply a generous amount of sunscreen while indoors too.

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3. Not Reapplying The Sunscreen After Two to Three hours

"The truth is the efficacy of the best sunscreens when applied on the skin lasts only for two to threehours, however well researched the product may be. Hence, it is mandatory to reapply the sunscreen after at least three hours especially when outdoors," our expert said.

4. Not Applying A Moisturiser And Anti Ageing Creams On The Neck, Arms And Legs, Hands and Feet

Talking about the importance of moisturising our entire body, Dr. Jaishree Sharad said, "When you apply anti ageing creams on the face you must apply the same on the neck as well moisturising the entire body is important otherwise the face looks younger than the rest of the body giving away the age."

5. Not Applying Moisturiser To Nails And Cuticles

Our cuticles protect the nail from getting infected. It is important to moisturise the cuticles as well as the nails to prevent them from becoming brittle.

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6. Not Using An Under Eye Serum

The skin under the eye is the thinnest on the face and you should use a moisturiser and sunscreen containing vitamin K, vitamin C, peptides, etc., on your under eye area to prevent fine lines and hyperpigmentation.

7. Not Using Retinol Based Serums Or Cream On The Face

8 Effective Skincare Essentials By Celeb Dermatologist For Flawless Skin

It is important to use retinol based creams on the skin especially if you are 30 and above. The expert shared that retinol is also recommended to younger girls for the treatment of acne but they are asked to be mindful while using them. Retinol helps with fine lines and wrinkles on the face and also prevents the dilatation of open pores. However, one shouldn't use retinol during their pregnancy.

8. Not Applying Active Serum

If you have acne prone skin then you might need to use an active serum as a part of your daily skincare. For this, the expert suggested using salicylic acid list serum. For hyperpigmentation, she recommended using glycolic acid 35% or TCA 20% till it frosts and for fine lines, dilated pores, retinol based serum or an AHA serum.