5 Types Of Face Massages To Get That Beaming & Healthy Skin

5 Types Of Face Massages To Get That Beaming & Healthy Skin
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Mar 2023

Face massages are a gift sent to us directly from the skin Gods. It not only helps release the built-up tension, but also reduces the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines, improves blood circulation, tightens skin and leaves your face with a natural glow. Incorporating a regular facial massage in your daily skincare regimen will help maximise the power of your skincare products.
5 Types Of Face Massages To Get That Beaming & Healthy Skin

It instantly calms your mind, slips you into de-stress mode and helps you achieve impeccable and enviable skin. Not just that, face massage benefits your skin in many other ways as well. Facial massage tones your skin, brightens the complexion and slows down your skin's ageing process. If you didn't know that, you're not alone. You've been oblivious to the many benefits of facial massages for too long now and it is time you know how it does wonders for your skin. Read on to know all the surprising benefits of face massage and why you need to treat your skin with a stress-busting face massage right now.

Here are five types of massages that you should try right away and get that oh-so-glowy skin.

Swedish - This is the most common type of massage. It includes soft and folding strokes on the uppermost layers of the muscles. This massage is relaxing and energising.

Shiatsu - Shiatsu means 'finger pressure'; in this, the therapist uses a different level of pressure on certain points of the body. This massage helps in opening blockages in the muscles.

Remedial - Remedial massage works as a healing treatment to provide relief to sore muscles that are damaged, knotted or impaired. It improves overall health by relaxing the tensed muscles of the body.

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Acupressure - It is a specific massage technique that aims to relax muscles, lessen pain and increase blood circulation in the body.

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Gua sha - This massage technique involves using a quartz stone or a jade roller on the skin in an upward motion to relax the stiff muscles and promote tissue drainage.