3 All-Time Iconic Fashion Moments Of Priyanka Chopra

3 All-Time Iconic Fashion Moments Of Priyanka Chopra
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Apr 2023

The actor and celebrity par excellence Priyanka Chopra is a star like none other as she wears many hats like being a singer, actor, pop star, former Miss World and much more. What is also undisputed for the Baywatch actor is the fact that Piggy Chops is an epic red carpet style dresser. She has been serving some badass looks at red carpets around the world including the Oscars, Grammy's, Met Galas and more grabbing all the attention.A post shared by Priyanka (@priyankachopra)PeeCee's sense of style is an amalgamation of a query edge and a sprinkle of haute couture that gives her the ability to ace her looks no matter what she is wearing. We now take you through three epic looks that the Baywatch actor has served over the years.

Priyanka Donning The Very Long Trench Dress Fit At The Met Gala 2017

A post shared by Priyanka (@priyankachopra)Priyanka Chopra gave all the celebrities in the world a serious run for their money as she graced the 2017 Met Gala red carpet. The actor made an appearance wearing a signature trench coat style dress featuring a lengthy trail that broke the internet.Her OOTD was perfectly accessorised with a pair of black heels, a sleek updo and a bold and defining makeup look.Don't Miss: 5 Most Outrageous Looks Served At The Met Gala Over The Years

The Maroon Gown Ft. The Head Cover Courtesy Ralph Lauren At The Met Gala 2018

A post shared by Priyanka (@priyankachopra)Priyanka's 2018 Met Gala red carpet look delivered over and above her debut appearance at the gala a year ago Piggy Chops perfectly synced with that year's theme which was 'Heavenly Bodies: Fashion and the Catholic Imagination'. Chopra walked the red carpet in a maroon gown from the house of Ralph Lauren and accessorised it to the T with a bejeweled hood and dramatic gold eye makeup to go. A post shared by Priyanka (@priyankachopra)Don't Miss: 5 Iconic Looks Over The Years Ft. Met Gala

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The Over The Top Dior Gown Ft. The Met Gala 2019

[photo1]Priyanka Chopra did it again and scored a hattrick as she looked like a piece of art when she walked the Met Gala red carpet in the year 2019 dressed in a Dior couture which apparently took 1,500 hours to create. This over the top OOTD was experimental AF as it featured a transparent bodice and was embellished with yellow feathers and a trailing cloak. But her hair and makeup were truly the highlight of the look as the crown over her tresses were styled as permed ringlets and the makeup included white lashes as well as eyebrows, a signature fuchsia eyeshadow and lips to go.