228 | Navigating Cancer, Menopause + Pelvic Pain Gracefully with Cynthia Nero

228 | Navigating Cancer, Menopause + Pelvic Pain Gracefully with Cynthia Nero

Join Angela and Cynthia in this conversation about living through menopause, cancer and debilitating pelvic pain with grace. Cynthia shares the powerful lessons she learned through each of these experiences as well as practical tips that can be applied to help you create more ease in your life.

Author and pelvic floor expert Cynthia Nero helps menopausal women break free from chronic pelvic pain, anxiety, and stress. After years of unresolved pelvic pain, she became a certified Yoga Therapist and an Integrative Nutrition Health Coach which enabled her to discover how to get rid of her pain and reignite her joy, confidence, and relationships. Cynthia lives in breathtakingly beautiful Santa Fe, New Mexico with her husband and her 3 dogs. She is the proud mother of 3 amazing human beings.

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Free Resource: Break Free From Chronic Pelvic Pain


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