219 | Ayurvedic Tips for the Holidays

219 | Ayurvedic Tips for the Holidays

Join Angela in this solo episode: Ayurvedic Tips for the Holidays. In this episode, Angela shares simple tips to help you enjoy the holidays from an Ayurvedic lens. It is possible to still participate in the things that bring you joy, to be there for others, and at the same time, still honor yourself and tune into the rhythms of nature.
Learn more about:

o what's included in the Simple Ayurveda Collective Mindful Holiday Roadmap
o using the 3-Day Rule when doing things out of rhythm
o a simple, powerful exercise to help you identify what's most important to you and to make adjustments as necessary
?>o specific examples from Angela's life of priorities and adjustments
o learning to be okay with disappointing people
o an adapted holiday tradition that Angela plans to continue
o easy ways to simplify meals and make them more Ayurvedic

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