205 | Living in Harmony with Lyme with Kimberly Giunta

205 | Living in Harmony with Lyme with Kimberly Giunta

Join Angela and guest Kimberly Giunta in this episode: Living in Harmony with Lyme. Kimberly is a beautiful, living example of what a sattvic person looks like. In this conversation, Kimberly shares about her journey in using the tools of Ayurveda and a deep Yoga practice to help her with healing her Chronic Lyme Disease, which included Ulcerative Colitis and a severe heart condition.
Learn more about:

o Lyme Disease from the Ayurvedic perspective
o Kimberly's personal experience with Lyme, including how she received medical confirmation and the connection between her Ulcerative Colitis and severe heart condition
o Turning to the tools of Ayurveda and Yoga to aid in her healing journey
?>o The use of therapeutic drawing for processing trauma
o Understanding the depths of the Ayurveda Kimberly studied
o Kimberly's experience in working with people and bodies, and the power of touch in healing
o Marma points to access our spirit, our energetic body, our emotional and mental body, and our physical body
o A simple Marma point to work with today
Ayurvedic Practitioner and Yoga Teacher Kimberly Giunta supports people living with Chronic Lyme Disease (CLD) to feel better and thrive personally and professionally.
She believes that when people can live in alignment with their unique health needs, the seasons, and their climate and geography, vibrant health is the outcome; allowing them to experience more fulfillment and enjoyment of life.
Kimberly's insights into healing have helped her recover her vitality after living with CLD for almost two decades. When she's not helping her clients with proven Ayurvedic and Yogic health strategies, you can find her hiking with her golden retrievers or in her kayak photographing sunsets.
Connect with Kimberly:
Website: https://livinginharmonywithlyme.com
Instagram: http://instagram.com/livinginharmonywithlyme
Facebook: https://facebook.com/livinginharmonywithlyme

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